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'Revenge' Recap: Control

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Does the third season have a main story?

That's the question I keep finding myself asking with Revenge so far. With five episodes in, Revenge has taken a slow start to pulling these characters together to the main episode (Spoiler Alert: Emily gets shot on her wedding night). Much of the first few episodes erased the entirety of season two and the others have done little to progress the season arch. Small problems were created and two people were "sharpied" but anything that was established has eventually been erased too. Emily's journey the last few episodes aren't setting the tone for a big climactic moment; characters like Margaux, Daniel and Aidan (my guesses for the attack), while potential shooters, haven't shown any reason to do the deed. While it is early in the season and only on episode five, Revenge needs to quickly return to its fast-paced nature and character progression.

This week on Revenge, Daniel throws a wrench in Emily's plan, the culprit behind Conrad's crash is revealed, and Jack finds a new lady love.

I'm not an Aidan fan. He suddenly appeared last season with a story that connected to The Initiative and became the new third person fighting for Emily's heart; it was a bit much and he hasn't won me over yet. Picking up from last episode, Aidan confronted Jack and threatened him that Conrad (and by extension, the Graysons) will cause his death. Jack's being framed for cutting Conrad's brakes and if he doesn't hightail it soon, he'll soon meet a grisly fate.

Receiving word from Victoria (albeit because of nefarious motives - more about that later on), Emily runs to the Stowaway to help her former flame and discuss a plan of action. Jack's being pulled into yet another set up and he's reached his end with Emily's plans. I would be too with the amount of destruction that Emily leaves in her wake. Moving on from his toxic ex, he kisses Margaux, setting up for another love triangle that won't last.

Emily's pull on Daniel has weakened the last few episodes. All the lies, lack of trust and hidden motives reached the boiling point when Daniel calls off their engagement when Emily arrives late to the Voulez launch party - instead helping Jack first. He's tired of the situation and doesn't know if he can really trust Emily. For the first time, she comes clean about her trust issues, sheds a few tears and shares her resentment toward losing her family. This may be the closest moment that she's ever told Daniel the truth of her past.

Charlotte has shown her Victoria side. She sided with her mother to add doubt in Daniel's mind about Emily and she's successfully pulled Jack and Margaux together. When the "truth" is revealed that Charlotte cut the brakes, Conrad is all too forgiving to reconnect with his daughter but the real truth is more sinister (and believable). In actuality, Charlotte is lying to protect Victoria and keep the truth that Patrick was on the one to cut the brakes. No reason yet why he did it but we'll find it soon enough. But where is Patrick? He's off hooking up with Nolan and getting together for the first time. So far Patrick's five episodes in and already winning at Revenge.

Will Charlotte continue to bring out her devious side? Does Jack have a shot at surviving this season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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