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'Revenge' Recap: Dissolution

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The past is coming back to haunt Daniel.

After a few slow beginning episodes, I'm pleasantly surprised of where season three is heading. Plots are intermixing, others are developing into broader characters, and previous sentiments are boiling over as the climax episode nears. The jury is still out on if things have really changed from my last assessment but I'm starting approve in certain areas.

This week on Revenge, Nolan stands up to Emily, Charlotte becomes Victoria Grayson, the tide rolls in on Grayson Manor, and Patrick runs for the hills.

Emily's take down this week is not on an individual but a house instead. Conrad plans to sell the iconic Grayson Manor and keep his family afloat with funds, but Emily can't risk her favourite targets leaving the Hamptons. With help from Aidan and a sledgehammer, Emily destroys part of her house to fool the Grayson's realtor into believing the beachfront properties will soon be destroyed by Mother Nature. The report is real but the severity and impact of the erosion is false. The realtor blacklists the Graysons and they're stuck in the Hamptons to live next to Emily.

Nolan has played the role of sarcastic and loyal ally to Emily throughout these three seasons, but what he really wants is to be called a friend. It's not hard to understand with someone as cold as Emily that wouldn't share any friendly or tender moments. Emily asks her Nolan to break things off with Patrick but he can't seem to do so, thinking it to be a step too far. He does what he's asked and ultimately confesses the truth to Jack out of a fit of anger. Jack already knows the secret and after a heartfelt argument, it's Emily that needs to apologize to her two closest friends and raise the white flag.

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Charlotte hasn't played the game of Revenge. She's acted spoiled, focused on her relationship with Declan and dealt with family drama over anything else. Season three is showing a new side of Charlotte; she's manipulating the people around her with a secret agenda to break up Emily and Daniel. By leading Daniel to a new bakery, he ends up face-to-face with Sarah, the bartender and former flame he nearly killed pre-series. I'm impressed by Charlotte, not only does she lead Daniel to an uncomfortable moment but she manages to get Sarah fired and manipulates her into working at the Stowaway; causing Daniel to reconnect with her. Well played Charlotte, well played.

Patrick bid a fast farewell to the Hamptons after the truth of Conrad's accident was revealed. He committed the crime to protect Victoria but all she could do was help him flee the country. I hope this isn't the last we see of Patrick as there seems to be more to his story than what we originally saw

Will Daniel spark a new romance with Sarah? Can the new Charlotte take down Emily? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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