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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Strings Attached

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Plenty of romance and hook-ups are making their way to The Carrie Diaries.

While the first season toyed around with the ideas of innuendos and flirtatious hook-ups, this episode lit the steamy fire. Throw Samantha Jones and Larissa into the mix, The Carrie Diaries sparked its first intense and passionate episode with the characters. Dare I say, it felt a little like Sex and the City.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Larissa arrives from her adventures overseas, Tom returns to the fold, Maggie makes peace, and Sebastian comes to terms with the future.

Larissa is the wild and carefree editor-in-chief at Interview Magazine. She left at the end of last season to become a geisha which allowed Carrie and Walt to live in Manhattan during the summer. Now that she's arrived back, the pair have to head back home for the school year. (Sigh!) Upon her return to the city, Larissa introduced Carrie to the world of zen: not just for any stressful moment but for helping to give up Sebastian. Her practice makes perfect at first until she sees Sebastian. Plenty of shirt removing, kissing and desk kicking ensue in their classroom make-out session. Go Ms. Bradshaw!

At first I thought "Kyddshaw" would reunite but luckily the pair didn't. Sebastian realized that he was holding Carrie back and decided to let her be free. Their relationship is toxic and for Carrie to live the life we all hope, she needs to give up the bad boy.

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Walt and Maggie had a lot to overcome, not just for their friendship but with their lives: Walt with finally coming to terms with himself and Maggie with her future. Bennett, Donna and Mouse, while supportive, offer help and advice to the conflicted pair. Donna plays Walt's beard, which ultimately gets him punched by Donna's boyfriend, while Mouse continues to reassure Maggie about going to college. It isn't until the two finally meet and become friends again do they show some kind of resolution to their storyline. Maggie became really unlikable last season and I'm glad to see she's turning over a new leaf.

Tom has a new job! Well, it's his old job at his former firm in New York with Harlan. Except for catching Larissa and Harlan in the act, nothing else progressed for the new big city lawyer. Though, I'm wondering if this storyline will have the Bradshaws move to New York? It would change the pace for the rest of the series.

Larissa and Samantha are two sides of the same coin; one is classier while the other is more modern. Both immediately started fighting after their first meeting but strangely the pair had a few moments together that sparked a potential frenemy status. While Larissa hooked up with Harlan and Samantha with an unknown ninja, I suspect that these two will fight for supremacy as the flirtatious force of The Carrie Diaries before admitting their friendship. Maybe Larissa is the one that helps Samantha break into the world of marketing/PR?

Now that Sebastian is out of the picture, will Carrie find a new guy? How long will Walt's life stay a secret? Will Maggie get into college? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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