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Trailer Madness: Dead Rising 3

By  Justin Carreiro     6:14 PM    Labels:,,,,,,,, 

I love gaming. I like zombies. And I can't wait for the next generation of consoles. Obviously, combining all three together would sound like a pretty enticing topic. I have yet to purchase the Xbox One - I'm still holding out until my birthday - but when I do, I believe that this game will be the first game I will purchase to welcome my new console. The open-world zombie survival-horror game: Dead Rising 3.

My first purchase for the Xbox 360 was the original Dead Rising and I was equally excited for the sequel a few years back. Now that the series is continuing to the next generation, the game has been equipped with new features, characters and a continuation to the storyline that will make the wait so much better. 

Dead Rising 3 is currently out today but if you're still unsure about the purchase, check out the recent trailer released by Gamespot.

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