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'Revenge' Recap: Mercy

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New beginnings, old rivalries.

Revenge is known (or used to be) for its fast-paced storytelling. Barely were there any filler episodes in the first season and Emily only focused on her mission or the events of the Hamptons. While nothing new really happened this week (except for a MUCH needed steamy kiss), this episode focused mostly on exposition.

This week on Revenge, we find out the aftermath of Conrad's car crash, Nolan digs a little deeper into Patrick's life, and Victoria enters the working world.

Soap operas kill characters off all the time. One day they're casually throwing off-handed comments, the next they're being poisoned by their enemy. Conrad possibly has survived the most murder attempts and assaults over the last three seasons. When Emily finds the car crash and makes the subsequent hospital visit this episode, Father Paul is dead while Conrad, not only survives the episode, but finds out that his Huntington's Disease diagnosis was a lie. Conrad is a megalomaniac but Emily has been dropping the ball lately and giving him the opportunities to outlive these endeavors.

Someone is trying to kill Conrad, though. Emily and Jack's snooping discovered that the brakes on his car were cut, leading to Father Paul's death. Jack is being framed by Aidan but who really cut the brakes? My money's on potentially Patrick or Charlotte.

Victoria is trying something new: she's working a real job. Well, she's selling her artwork and invited her rich friends to buy the items at the art gallery. Sheila, her new boss and frenemy, deals in stolen art and when Patrick sells a painting from Victoria, the Grayson matriarch uses the opportunity to force the frenemy out of the Hamptons and takeover ownership of the gallery. Victoria should be proud - she used her new son to take down a threat. So proud!

Nolan hasn't had the best luck in dating. Tyler, Marco, and Padma all fizzled but his newest beau, Patrick, might have a secret or two. Patrick catches his interest and by digging a little deeper into his past, Nolan makes the first move. They're so on! Though, I have to wonder if one or both of them have ulterior motives? The sly looks speak for themselves.

What secret does Patrick really hide? Can Emily score another take down since Father Paul? Will Conrad eliminate Jack? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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