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'Revenge' Recap: Surrender

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Only one week left before the "death" of Emily Thorne.

The penultimate episode before this season's climax is approaching in a few days and we caught a glimpse into some pre-wedding fun. Revenge has suffered the growing pains of transitioning from a lackluster sophomore season: figuring out how to be serious while also embracing its ridiculously soapy fun. The show has tried to erase its previous faults and in the process, it's bringing back the things we love slowly: the witty jokes, romance and the fact that Revenge doesn't take itself too seriously. For the continued success of Revenge, it needs to remember these factors or else it will continue to fall.

This week on Revenge, Daniel is conflicted between his love for Sarah and Emily's fake pregnancy, Lydia storms the manor, Margaux chooses Jack, and Victoria throws a wrench into Emily's plan.

Daniel has not had an easy road when it comes to love. Emily isn't trustworthy, Ashley was merely using him and Sarah nearly died because of Daniel - he doesn't make the smartest decisions when it comes to love. After finding out Emily is pregnant, the conflicted Grayson continues to play groom while posing for wedding photos and caring for his pregnant fiance. Sarah is none too pleased as Daniel promised to live his life with his true love; while he didn't sleep with Sarah during the last episode, we find out his desires: to be with Sarah. He receives some advice from Charlotte and he lets Sarah go to be a responsible man for his unborn child. 

If Daniel were ever to have a chance at REAL happiness, I hope he finds it. Emily has lied enough to him and if the choice came between death or being with Sarah, he needs to experience true love again. It's either that or continuing to live life while making unintentional Titantic references. Really?! He had to drop the necklace into the ocean?

Margaux, the ever respectable writer, decides this episode to give up the story of a lifetime. In the matter of minutes, she gives up her ambition to uncover Conrad's secret instead to protect Jack from a potential unforeseen death. I can respect Jack telling Margaux the truth about Conrad and yet I don't think this will be the end of this plotline. She's only a few steps away from the truth and all she needs to legitimize her magazine is a story like this.

Lydia is a dose of underhanded evil and social climbing that's been sorely missed on Revenge. Everything she's done in the first season had an air of snobbery and manipulation that I really missed when she was revealed to be alive. Her role as a news source may have ended but her mission to take down Emily has not. Lydia finds the New Year's Eve photo in Conrad's photo albums and now the social climbing enemy has the ammunition needed to fight Emily; not just pushing her off the steps.

Aidan doesn't work for me. I get that he loves Emily and they have this bond that was slowly introduced during the second season (at some times to a painful degree) but it seemed forced compared to the simplicity of Daniel and Jack. The equally vengeful Brit proposes to Emily (which she accepts) and yet I'm wondering if this will really last? This looks all too simple for the pair to run off into the sunset. With half a season left, something has to go wrong for this plan to end in flames... or bullets.

Oh Victoria, how I enjoy you so. With a single mark of a pen, Victoria can send Emily's plan into a nosedive. The Queen Grayson is refusing to attend Emily's wedding and preventing herself from being framed for Emily's murder. Moments like these remind me of the first season: Victoria and Emily keeping each other on their toes, neither is winning in the fight but both are delivering equally manipulative tactics. Well done!

How will Emily get Victoria to attend the wedding? Will Margaux return to the story? What does Lydia have up her sleeve now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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