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Toronto Mayoral Election

By  Justin Carreiro     8:48 AM    Labels:,,,,,, 

It's been two days since the election took place right here in Toronto and things have already subsided. From the news reports and tweet blasts across twitter, you probably already know that Ford has been elected as the new Mayor of Toronto. I have constantly heard from those around me who were focused on the election that they had strong opinions about Ford, Smitherman, and Pantalone. Even right now, my class is discussing about their thoughts about what they thought about the election, some for and some against.

I really have no firm opinion about the subject because for this past election, I was incredibly busy with work, school, and volunteer to focus on the election...terrible I know but life intervened. I do know that the councillor for my district had been reelected and my friend's councillor, whom she helped with his election, had been reelected as well so congrats Emily on helping with a winning campaign.

Right now I hope that things will get back to normal and people will start taking the signs off of their lawns. The election was a big thing for the city; however, things constantly change for Torontonians so give it a week and we will all be focusing on a new issue or an event. Thats life, I guess.

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