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Top Five New Movies On My Mind: October

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I'm not a movie buff nor was I able to attend TIFF, Toronto International Film Festival, this year. However, whenever there is an interesting movie that is playing at the theatres then I would love to see what it is about. My guilty pleasure has to be a good, and hopefully not corny, horror movie. I grew up watching all these typical teen slasher flicks and what can I say, things haven't really changed. October is a great month to watch new movies that I like since Halloween is right at the end of month and studios love to pump out them out specifically for that holidays. Maybe some will actually be incredibly interesting, be the flavour of the month, or the next flop?

1. The Social Network - October 1
It's a recent movie that was just released detailing the behind-the-scenes events that transpired by Mark Zuckerberg while he was creating Facebook. I was really excited to see this movie but two people in my class, Zaira and Victor, say that it was alright and no plot. I think I might end up seeing this movie, however, I know how much of a movie buffs they both are so I might take their advice a tad.

2. Let Me In - October 1
This is a movie that features the most overused supernatural character: vampires. Though it is not your typical vampire movie that follows the same romantic genre that Twilight has, this movie seems to be about the complicated relationship between a human boy and his unknowingly, vampire, (girl)friend. I want to see this movie because it won't follow the average horror movie and have a darker style to it. Also the actress who plays the vampire girl is very talented and I remember her from the movie, Kick-Ass.

3. My Soul To Take - October 8
I can already hear the groans already. Even though you may think that it will follow the same generic plot that this category of horror may follow; this one seems to bring a new quality to the already established genre. Its about the legend of a serial killer who would seek revenge against the seven teenagers who were born on the night he was finally killed and the twist is: his soul might be in the bodies of one of the teenagers. This movie is brought to you by horror genius, Wes Craven, and I hope that it will be a good movie this month.

4. Paranormal Activity 2 - October 22
Paranormal Activity was the sleeper hit last year after it terrified consumers and left everyone wondering if they would be able to surpass their momentum from the previous film. I will admit that I briefly saw the original film and was not enamored by it at all. However, time has past and I will most likely rewatch it again before I flock to theatres to watch this film. We will see if I am able to be drawn in to this sequel because some sequels have shown to not live up to the hype or potential that was created from the first movie.

5. Saw 3D - October 30
This movie will be the one that I will receive the most apprehension from people when I say I want to watch this movie at the end of the month. Everyone has seen at least one Saw movie in their life and since Saw 3D is going to be the apparent last movie, we'll see, in the franchise then I have to go and watch it. I also am a big of the VH1 reality show, Scream Queens, where an asprining actress vies for a role in a Saw film. Tanedra was the winner of season 1 who appeared in Saw 6 and now season 2 winner Abby will appear in Saw 3D in an unspecified role. I can't wait to see how everything will end but hopefully it will arrive at a satisfying climax since it has been seven movies and some series have never ended on a high note.

Agree or Disagree with my list? Then comment below or shoot me a message on twitter and discuss.

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