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Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is my favourite holiday!

It trumps Christmas and even my birthday. I love everything associated with the day, from the scary to the creepy ever since I was a kid. Well, I'm not a fan of dressing up every year unless there is an occasion that warranted me to be in a costume, but I do have friends who love to dress up. If you might be having some trouble deciding on a costume, remember that the costume is not just an outfit but a fashion statement where the extreme is the new norm. Below is a list of costume ideas to help provide some inspiration as a starting point:

1. Superheroes and Villains
People think that men and young boys are the only ones who willingly dress up as superheroes; that is completely untrue. My friend, Emily, has decided to do a costume and she is dressing up as a female version of Flash. There are hundreds of comic book characters that one can choose from or even an original idea from a movie or television show. Never forget that you don't have to be a hero, villains are popular too and a character like the Joker will be a hot commodity this Halloween. NOTE: To you crazy kids in love, there are tons of couple combinations you can create with this category: sidekicks, villains in romantic war (Batman and Cat Woman), or even villain couples (The Joker and Harley Quinn).

2. Celebrities
It is not uncommon for a person to dress as a celebrity. However, it's usually done without a costume and claiming to be a celebrity. When time and effort are put to the test then something innovated can be created. This Halloween the two main costumes are most likely to be Lady Gaga and the cast of Jersey Shore

3. Video Game and Movie Characters
Mario, Link, Princess Peach, Goku, Sailor Moon, Chun-Li, Harry Potter, Dorothy and Toto, Alice in Wonderland and all the many Disney characters. They have all played a significant part of our childhood - they're the first thing that comes to mind when deciding what to be for Halloween. Make an homage to your favourite character or series! Just remember that these costumes will require precise outfits and are not cheap to create. Anime and Manga costumes are a prime example; you will be dipping into your budget.

4. Everyday Career Characters
Simple is always best. These costumes are more popular with girls because they love to add a sexy or evil side to these characters. Be careful which outfit you choose to become because you might be getting some cheesy innuendoes all night from drunken Halloween party-goers. A note to teenagers: always remember to review and have a final check to see if your outfit might be too risque to wear to school or in front of your parents.

5. Traditional
These are the costumes that we have grown up wearing more often than not. Vampires (going as someone from Twilight is a different category), werewolves, witches, mummies, Frankenstein, ghosts and a longer list of many more imaginative characters. More of a throwback to our childhood, these costumes are a cliche (at best) to being original or creative on Halloween. Try to add a little flair and uniqueness if choosing one of these costumes. They're cheap to buy and easy to make if you're on a budget.

6. Unique

Maybe be unique with your costume? Being individual really gets people talking the next day about what costumes they noticed on the streets or at a party. Most try to be objects like a Swiffer broom, gum under a chair, a speed bump or other everyday items. Try not to be too different because if people are completely unaware of what you're trying to pull off then the purpose may be completely lost.

7. Be Yourself

This is the laziest costume, even more than a zombie with dabs of fake blood. There is no bigger kill joy than saying that your costume is being yourself. However, if dressing up is not a thing that you like doing on Halloween then I can't force you to get dressed. Your only simplest form is to dress as yourself. I will admit that I have used this costume plenty of times but it has been done and it will still be used for years to come.

I hope you have enjoyed all the different types of Halloween costume suggestions. Choose something that you will have fun being because a fun night is being what you want to be. Though, choose at your discretion and remember that it will be cold on Halloween so dress warmly and have fun.

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