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Books To Read: October

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One thing that all of my friends can say about me is that I love to read books. Genres like YA fiction, Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, and Adventure are my favourites because I love to see the character development through intense, yet dramatic, situations. Also being a guy who went through my life loving the board game, Clue, I get an enjoyable twinge trying to solve a mystery and deducing the killer or the big twist.

Below are seven books that I have chosen to highlight as novels that are on my reading list for October. Even though I have only listed seven books here, there are many other options.

1. "7 Souls" by Barnabas Miller and Jordan Orlando

Status - Purchased and Read

Mary expected things to be seamless on her birthday since she is one of the most popular girls in school. However, when things start to turn to hell she is ultimately murdered by an unknown individual after a party. Placed under an old Rune curse, she must pass through the souls and eyes of the seven people who hated her the most and all wanted her dead. Always hesitant with stand-alone books but the premise intrigued me because figuring out which person actually went a bit too far and murdered Mary caught my attention. Things were a bit scattered at points but in the end, it was shocking to realize how all the random moments presented by the characters were all connected together effortlessly.

2. "Another Pan" by Daniel and Dani Nayeri

Status - Purchased and Want to Read

Paying homage to Peter Pan in a dark comedic light, Another Pan tells the story of Wendy Darling and her brother John attending the Marlowe school. They recite an old Egyptian text that descends them into the realm beneath the school where they meet the new R.A., Peter. I read the first book in the series, Another Faust, which fascinated me with the teen-interpretation of the Faustian deal and how social climbing and success is the true corrupter. I can't wait to see how the authors develop this plot and hopefully it will become a favourite just like the first.

3. "Blue Bloods" by Melissa De La Cruz

Status - Purchased and Want to Read

Nestled in the bustling city of New York city, there is a new group of socialites that have perfected the term of elegance and secrecy. I feel terrible for saying this but I've had this book with me since Christmas of 2009 when my friend gave it to me as a gift. Time got away from me and I really wanted to read this book and get into the series. I swear that this month, Blue Bloods will be on the must read list and I will not get side-tracked with other books .

4. "Crescendo" by Becca Fitzpatrick

Status - Need to pre-order and Want to Read

Following on the heels of the very successful first book Hush Hush, Crescendo follows the story of Nora and her former-fallen-now-guardian-angel-boyfriend, Patch. Life becomes complicated for Nora when she starts to delve into the mystery of her father's disapperance and the history of her bloodline. The first book was a sleeper hit for me and I didn't realize how much I would be encaptivated by the series.

5. "The Evil Within" by Nancy Holder

Status - Purchased and Read

The winter is over and Lindsay is going back to the infamous Marlwood Academy; back to where she was almost killed by the group of restless spirits who were possessing girls. Lindsay is not free of the drama yet as she is still possessed by the spirit of the enemy. The book follows Lindsay going deeper into the history behind the fire and the deaths of the seven Marlwood girls over a hundred years ago. For those of you who are unsure about reading this series, the twist at the end is worth the read all by itself.

6. "My Soul to Keep" by Rachel Vincent

Status - Purchased and Want to Read

Kaylee has been tormented since she found out the truth of her heritage, but now things have started to calm down with her new boyfriend. However, the Netherworld is never one to stay at bay when traces of Demon Breath are found entering the real world. The typical paranormal storyline follows ghosts or vampires but My Soul To Keep focuses on banshees and Kaylee's plight to survive with her new abilities.

7. "Red is for Remebrance" by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Status - Purchased and Read

Stacey is dealing with her first year at university after the tragic disappearance of her boyfriend Jacob. She plans to move on and spend time with all her new college friends but when the Dean asks for Stacey's help with his daughter Porsha and her dreams, Stacey knows that she is never truly free from her heritage. Another mystery to the book is who is Shell and what is the commune? Stacey has always been tormented by her dreams and this time I felt she was growing  and trying to take control of the situation. It was sad that the series is completed (not including the graphic novel), but it was a beautiful finish to this series.

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