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2010 We Day

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Sorry that it's been a while since my last post but things have been really busy with me in the personal, work and volunteer life. Yesterday was the craziest day by far because I volunteered for Free The Children's annual event, We Day! Disappointingly, I forgot my camera at home so I wasn't able to take any photos at the event but I'll still tell you one of the most memorable and funnest days I've ever had.

The day started off having to wake up around 4 a.m. to get ready to be at the stadium by 6:30 a.m.; suffice it to say I barely got any sleep. Running across the long walkway at Spadina Station to try and get there on time to be told I would be holding a sign outside of Gate 3 for two hours might have been the worst thing to hear with no sleep. The sign hurt my hand but I had an amazing time with the Youth Volunteer Coordinators outside the gate who helped schools enter. For the rest of the day, my jobs included crowd control during the lunch rush, and helping direct and cheer on schools when they headed back to their buses. 

Surprisingly, the other Parking and Transportation volunteers and I got to see a LARGE portion of the concert from the gondola suite areas above the Air Canada Centre. We heard Down with Webster playing, saw Grayson Chance perform, and saw a lot of inspiring guest speakers like Jacob Hoggard, Heather Reisman, Betty Williams, Michel Chikwanine, the guys from MTV's The Buried Life, and Alexandre Bilodeau to name a few. We didn't get to see Craig and Marc Kielburger's speech, but I heard it the day before before orientation with a few others so I already knew how inspiring it would be. We also got to see the cast of Degrassi and I laughed so hard seeing friends bicker over who saw and gets Zane (Shannon Kook-Chun) first.

After the concert was over and all the students were safely on buses, a bunch of new friends and I went to the MuchMusic We Day After Party to see some of the guests up close. The highlight was definitely having Marc Kielburger sign my book (I'm going to be keeping that forever) and seeing Kemeny cry after she thanked Marc Kielburger for everything and he hugged her! It was a great party and all the We Day volunteers really loved to do the We Dance that day.

Yesterday had to be one of the best experiences I've ever had and would definitely volunteer for We Day and Free The Children again after this whole experience. It was great to meet a lot of new friends and hopefully keep in touch with them after this. All thats left now is to start feeling and spreading the message of Be The Change.

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