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In My Console: Dead Rising 2

By  Justin Carreiro     2:42 PM    Labels:,,,,,,,,,, 
Times have been busy lately and I will admit that I have been ignoring my Xbox 360 for a long while. I have priorities in my life at the moment but in times like this when there is a holiday coming up and I have free time; I have some available time to check out a game that I was really interested in playing. This section of reviews will be discussing the game that I am currently playing: Dead Rising 2.

The Story: Chuck Greene, a former motocross racer, is a contestant on the hit pay-per-view reality competition, Terror is Reality, in Fortune City. He competes to earn enough money to keep his daughter Katey with enough supply of Zombrex, a healing agent which prevents zombification for 24-hours; a bite she sustained during the Las Vegas outbreak. After the latest TIR event, an explosion erupts and zombies start pouring into the streets attacking the thousands of visitors to Fortune City and turning them into zombies. While Chuck is protecting his daughter in the safehouse with other survivors, he learns that he is being framed for the cause of the outbreak. With the help of CURE activist Stacey Foresythe, Channel 6 action news reporter Rebecca Chang, and Fortune City security chief Sullivan, Chuck must now uncover the truth while saving survivors in Fortune City in three days before help arrives.

Where To Play: The game is currently on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. For the basis of my review, I am playing it on the Xbox 360.

The Good: Having played the original Dead Rising game years earlier, I knew the background of the game. I really enjoyed the storyline and uncovering the truth about the cover-up, The characters are all very different and I love how each one continues to grow throughout the three days. The missions to save survivors are unique and we get to meet some very interesting characters in this city. The combo option of combining weapons is a neat addition to this game and seeing what you can put together to deal out more damage.

There are two new features in this game that was not included in the first one. There is a Co-op function which allows another player online or at home to join along and play with you simultaneously. Also there is an online multiplayer game which allows up to four players to compete in mini-games to earn money that the user can use in the main game. The games are surprisingly addictive and enjoyable when you have the time to play them. 

Three other main characters: TK (Centre), the main host of TIR, Crystal and Amber (behind) twin co-hosts of TIR.
The Bad: There are only a few problems that I had with this game. With there being a time crunch with missions and progressing the storyline, I felt that there was too much going on at once to really know where to focus and keep things going. Photography and taking pictures was a big aspect of the first game and this one is retrieving Zombrex for Katey every 24 hours; sometimes it got really annoying when after you complete a big mission during the storyline to get a message from Stacey telling you you only have two hours to give Katey her Zombrex shot and Zombrex isn't cheap. Another problem is with that there was so many Psychopaths in the city, at one point on my screen I had three psychopaths that needed to be taken care of and one of them was able to regain his health when you were not looking. 

She'll blow you away but after fighting four before her, I just don't care anymore
The Result: 9/10! 
Dead Rising 2 was definitely an improvement to the first game and there were a lot of interesting quirks like the online play, money, survivors and storyline that I really loved. The only reason that I had to take away a point is because I could not stand the Chef when I had to face him and kept getting incredibly frustrated to see him regain his health. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this game and would recommend it to anyone.

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  1. I didnt take on the Chef the 1st time. I skipped alot. The 2nd time i played - its so easy. Killed the chef in less than 1 minute - use Knife Gloves :) Now im playing the 3rd time - going to get lotsa the 4th time i play, will get the SUV so i can kill 72,000 zombies!!! :D