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Trailer Madness: Detention

By  Justin Carreiro     9:51 AM    Labels:,,,,, 
Previous posts of this section have highlighted trailers for movies, television shows and video games that have yet to come out but this post will be different. This trailer is for a movie that has already been released to theatres a few months ago. It's the teen-comedy slasher flick: Detention.

Detention is an indie film I've heard about for at least a year now. It had premiered at last year's South by Southwest and was scheduled for its theatrical worldwide debut back in April 2012 (apparently). Even Perez promoted the film on his website and I've still yet to see any promotion for the film in Canada. It may have already launched, went to theatres and ended its theatrical run, which is sad because I wanted to watch the film and now I'll have to wait until it's released on DVD.

Detention looks like an interesting movie but now I'll wait to see if I'll ever watch the movie at this point. There may be a few familiar faces in the trailer that you might recognize. See for yourself by checking out the official trailer below.

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