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Movie Review: Piranha 3DD

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It's been a while since I wrote a mini film review for this blog. When I had watched this movie below in theatres, I felt that it didn't merit its own review article. The mini film review below is for the 3D aquatic horror film: Piranhaa 3DD.

The Premise: Set months after the terrible events of the first film, the community was dealt a heavy blow from the piranha attack and has become a quarantine zone. Seemingly believing that the catastrophe could never happen again, a local waterpark is ready to its doors for the summer and showcase its new look. Maddy (played by Danielle Panabaker) returns from university to find out that her step-father Chet (David Koechner) has transformed her late mother's waterpark into a sideshow attraction with skimpy lifeguards and an adult swim area (as you can bet... it's clothing optional). As the young-adults start to engage in some extracurricular fun, the terrifying man-eating piranhas from the first film bite their way into the waterpark and start to devour many of the swimmers.

The Results: 0.25/5!
Piranha 3DD is exactly like it sounds: a movie about CGI piranha attacking clothing-optional young-adults in water. There was no plot, the CGI special effects at times were sloppy and the dialogue was corny. I never watched the first film so I couldn't really compare against both but after watching this sequel, the urgency hasn't really manifested itself. Piranha 3DD wasn't all bad - I liked the actors, the cameos and sometimes it was funny. This is a "summer" horror film that doesn't take itself too seriously with excessive cleavage, slow-motion running and CGI piranha attacks. After Shark Night 3D, that should have been the sign for me to not watch this film but I always give a chance on a horror movie. I'd personally never watch it again but if you like CGI piranha attacking half-naked people, this movie might be for you.

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