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Every year during April and May, some shows get renewed while others are cut before they're given a chance for a second season. As mentioned in the previous post about FOX's Terra Nova, I'm going to pick one show from each of the five U.S. networks that I think might deserve a renewal, even though the show has been cancelled.

The third show is the cop and crime drama from CBS...

Show: Unforgettable 
Original Network: CBS
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 22
Starring (select names): Poppy Montgomery, Michael Gastian, Dylan Walsh, Kevin Rankin and Jane Curtin. 

The Premise: Det. Carrie Wells (played by Poppy Montgomery) has a rare condition that allows her to visually remember everything in her life. After being asked to join the New York City's Police Department, she uses her ability to help solve homicide crimes while desperately searching to remember and help put to rest her sister's murder. 

Reaction To Cancellation: Unforgettable had a lot of potential in terms of cop dramas. While the television universe is filled with different shows about police officers, this program offered a new dynamic lead and an ability that has never really been touched upon. CBS unfortunately choose to cancel Unforgettable yet there has been discussions that other networks such as TNT and Lifetime have expressed interest in picking up and buying the show. 

How It Could Be Saved: If TNT or Lifetime chooses to buy the program then Unforgettable will be saved. In terms of other ways the show can be improved, the first season focused (moderately) on the murder of the main character's sister. Other shows have followed the same key mystery plotline (i.e. Twin Peaks and Veronica Mars) so I would recommend that if the show was "last-chance" saved that it would develop around the characters and a new mystery to follow. Leave the past behind and bring the series into new heights.

UPDATE: After this post was created, CBS choose to renew Unforgettable for a second season that is slated for Summer 2013.

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