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If ABC Could Save One TV Show: GCB

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The Fall/Spring television season is nearly over and U.S. networks have already revealed their line-ups for the new TV year. There are some familiar faces returning to the list, new freshman shows ready to prove their worth come this fall and some noticeable names that just didn't make the cut. For the next few posts on the blog, I'm going to pick one show from each of the five big U.S. networks that I believe (with some small tweaks) could be improved and do well with a last-chance renewal for the upcoming 2012-2013 season.

The first show is the quick-witted and glamorous southern charmer from ABC...

Show: GCB 
Original Network: ABC
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 10
Starring (select names): Leslie Bibb, Kristen Chenoweth, Jennifer Aspen, Marisol Nichols and Miriam Shor.

The Premise: Amanda (played by Leslie Bibb), former evil high school Homecoming Queen, returns to her home in Texas and back into the lives of big hair and southern charm. Amanda may have changed her evil high school ways, but her former victims (and now the most powerful women in Texas) will not let her forget the pain she put them through as teenagers.

Reaction To Cancellation: I was a little shocked to see that GCB wasn't picked up after its midseason run. ABC most likely had high hopes to make GCB their next Desperate Housewives, so much so, the network even "tested" the show in the coveted Sunday timeslot for a ratings review. While it didn't perform as high as they had hoped, GCB was earning a good following and a lot of people were hooked to its scandalous secrets and southern comedy charm. 

How It Could Be Saved: GCB is a cross between a light-hearted soap and comedy. If ABC gave it another a chance, a timeslot change would be needed or even a network switch could help. Since the show airs on the weekend, an idea could be to pair the show on a weeknight as a midseason run to see if it improves. Also, the pace of the show needs to be improved. I understand that GCB ran for a few episodes but it needed to set the pace and storyline for a dramatic first season. Viewers tune in for the outrageous drama and twists - what GCB was missing were shocking and scandalous storylines for viewers to stay tuned in. It was funny and cute (and I loved it!) but if a second season could have happened, there needed to be cheating and backstabbing moments.

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