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'Scream' TV Series Headed To MTV

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Horror fans rejoice! 

The popular horror movie series
Scream may be making its way to a television screen near you. In an exclusive article revealed by TV Line, MTV is looking into the possibility of creating a television series based on the mysterious Ghostface killer and his list of untimely teen victims.

While no other updates have been reported (or if the yet uncreated pilot will be picked up by the network), fans should welcome the idea of seeing how this concept could be adapted to the small screen. I'm particularly excited to see how the show is created: will it follow the premise of
Harper's Island (a set of main characters with one being the killer) or will it be an unsatisfying creation similar to Freddy's Nightmares (a "A Tales of the Crypt" style show).

Unconfirmed is if 
Scream legends Kevin Williamson or Wes Craven will take part in the television series or if they'll return for the rumoured Scream 5 (current news reports have shown that Kevin Williamson is not interested in returning). Until then, you can check out the exclusive article from TV Line to read the full details: (Article)

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