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Ashley Tisdale To Star In 'Scary Movie 5'

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Recently announced in movie news, former High School Musical and Disney star Ashley Tisdale has secured the lead role in the upcoming Scary Movie 5.

While not much has been revealed about the plot, an official press release by The Weinstein Company and news reports have noted that movies such as Final Destination, Black Swan and Paranormal Activity will be a few of the movies parodied. Originally Scary Movie 5 was confirmed in 2009 but due to unscheduled production delays and setbacks had postponed the possibility for a fifth sequel.

Tisdale jumps on the heels to take over the lead-role from Scream Queen and Scary Movie staple Anna Faris, who famously played the role of the clueless Cindy Campbell for the previous four films. Rumours have circulated that while Faris is unsure if she'll reprise her role, fans are hopeful that she and Regina Hall will return for the fifth film. Tisdale is set to play "one of the film's leads" so the comment leaves way for potentially more characters to receive top lead billing on the infamous movie poster. 

Scary Movie 5 returns to theatres after a nearly six year hiatus - the last film was Scary Movie 4 which premiered on April 14, 2006.

Are you excited for the return of the Scary Movie series?

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