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Big Brother Canada 2: Andrew Is Evicted

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. The reigning power alliance has fractured and now the hamsters are scurrying around to flip the house. As compared to other reality shows like Survivor or The Amazing Race, Big Brother is a game where power can easily shift by someone new winning Head of Household (HOH). When one person has all the power, numbers can instantly mean nothing if two alliance members are placed on the block. Canada was this week's HOH and the nation made the first strike against the First Five.

The fifth person evicted was Andrew Gordon, the 27 year old restaurant manager from Calgary.

Let's Meet Andrew...

Andrew is the abrasive and powerful member of the First Five alliance. In the first week of the season, he was targeted by HOH Paul but won the Power of Veto (POV) to pull himself off the block. Luck was on his side as his alliance dominated the next few weeks. The First Five pulled in two new members (Rachelle and Andrew's showmance, Allison), he won HOH in the second week and the group evicted threats like Kyle, Paul and Ika. Once Canada became HOH and made the nominations, Andrew - not particularly liked by the country - was placed on the block next to ally Sabrina. On Day 36, he was evicted by a vote of 7-2.

Why Did He Lose? 

Canada may have nominated him but Andrew's days were numbered regardless. He was part of the most powerful alliance (the First Five), the strongest duo (Kenny & Andrew), and had the only showmance this season with Allison. If he had a physical target on his back showing, he wouldn't have been able to fit it inside a room. Attention was brought his way and nothing could have shifted the focus on someone else. Besides, couple that with his terrible attitude, derogatory comments and egotistical tendencies, the houseguests were happy to get rid of him sooner rather than later.

How Could He Stay?

The most obvious answer is the simple one: campaign! The second he found out Canada nominated him, he let the news go to his head and he gave up, accepting his fate to let Sabrina stay. Andrew should have campaigned harder, pulled his alliances together and found a way to convince the house that Sabrina was more of a threat than he was. Giving up put the final nail on his coffin.

Last Thoughts...

Andrew was in a power position and if it weren't for Canada holding the cards, he would still be in the house. Though, his days were certainly numbered and all the power kept going to Andrew's head. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. (A little Macbeth reference for you all!) He got lucky being part of the first five to enter the house; it created an alliance that assumed control but humility and being humble goes a long way. He's probably a nice guy and just assumed the role of leadership, taking the bullet for his alliance when the time came. Someone always has to fall first for the kingdom to crumble and this time it was him.

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