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Big Brother Canada 2: Sarah Is Evicted

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Alliances, especially in duos, can make or break a houseguest's game. Power is in the numbers and while large groups of people together can hold a voting block for a majority, many fear the power of a close duo as ultimately only two people are sitting together at the end. This recent evicted houseguest couldn't shake the image of her obvious alliance and it sent her packing.

The sixth person evicted was Sarah "Mumsie" Miller, the 32 year old mortgage broker from Langley.

Let's Meet Sarah...

Sarah is the kind-hearted and emotional house mother who was a member of the First Five alliance. She enjoyed the power and security of being in the dominant alliance; which ensured her safety for the first few weeks and she didn't have to make any obvious moves. However, in the third week, she sided with the First Five's plan to secretly evict Paul instead of Heather - this move outed Sarah's allegiance to another alliance, compared to the girls alliance. When Canada was Head of Household (HOH) in week five, the First Five suffered their first loss with Andrew's eviction and when plans were set to evict Kenny, Sarah's closest ally, Sarah was placed on the block when Kenny won the Power of Veto (POV). On Day 43, she was evicted by a vote of 4-3.

Why Did She Lose?

Loyalty can take you far in Big Brother but it can also be a detriment. Beyond the First Five as a whole, Sarah was fiercely loyal to a few people in the house, namely Kenny, Arlie and Jon (in a way). Andrew, one of the biggest house targets, was sent packing the week prior and soon attention shifted to the next major threat: Kenny. The Kenny/Sarah friendship couldn't hide their strong bond; they were always hanging out together, talked about being fiercely loyal and overtly showed their affection toward each other - Kenny even came out to Sarah first! Her other alliances couldn't deny their bond and when Kenny won the POV, a target needed to be the replacement and the only way to strike against Kenny was to evict his closest ally. Sarah was a powerful threat and while she wasn't a huge challenge threat, her house likeability and bond with Kenny was too dangerous to keep around.

How Could She Stay?

Sarah's bond made it impossible to hide her threat status. She had a good thing going with Arlie and was starting to build trust with Neda. If she had continued to push Neda on how she could be helpful and drifted away from Kenny for the next few days, it would have helped to divert attention away from that bond. Also Allison, who was on the nomination block next to her, was a known floater that liked the Gremlins (Sabrina and Rachelle). Sarah could have used this fact and positioned Allison as untrustworthy since the Gremlins were known floaters that would float to the power and having her around made her unpredictable.

Last Thoughts...

I liked Mumsie. She was sweet, funny, and genuinely wanted to play the game. The First Five alliance had their problems but Sarah was a nice person who I wished would have made it to jury. Unfortunately, she didn't have the devious or manipulative edge that would have helped in a game like Big Brother. If she were to ever play again, she wouldn't be as emotional or get emotionally tied to people. It was her downfall and it's not the first time (nor the last) where emotions have destroyed a game.

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