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Big Brother Canada 2: Rachelle Is Evicted

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A Gremlin is gone and the game is coming down to the wire. Two words come to mind when talking about the latest evicted houseguest: wasted potential. Many ranked her as a potential win but the game has a funny way of changing people. Some thrive while others retreat inward and lack the spark that initially got them cast on the show in the first place. This houseguest was simply there.

The tenth person evicted and third jury member was Rachelle Diamond, the 20 year old student from Edmonton.

Let's Meet Rachelle...

Rachelle is the spunky and reserved fan who loved yoga and goofing around with Sabrina. Rachelle floated through much of the earlier game; she hide in the background to avoid the target and spent much of her time gossiping with the girls. When she won Head of Household (HOH) in Week #4, she had the chance to make a big move but instead allowed her friend Sabrina to controlled the nominations and ultimately caused Ika to be evicted. Rachelle sat in the sidelines for much of the game playing as an extra vote for the First Five or a powerless enemy with the Gremlins. When Adel won HOH and made it his mission to evict a Gremlin, Rachelle stood out as a bigger threat compared to her ally. On Day 57, she was evicted by a vote of 3-0.

Why Did She Lose?

The game became too much for Rachelle. To survive in an atmosphere like Big Brother, a person needs to be in constant game mode whether it's competing in a challenge or simply living in the house. Rachelle was content to just enjoy the experience and allowed her friend to carry her from one alliance to the next. She never actually made a move on her own or tried to connect with a majority of the house. There were two opportunities Rachelle had to change the game: (i) when she won HOH and (ii) when it came time to evict either Arlie or Adel. Her alliance chose the easier option with Arlie and that choice came back to hurt her as Adel was the HOH that started her eviction week. Lack of game moves and a bad eviction vote sealed her inevitable fate.

How Could She Stay?

If Rachelle could go back and change one move, she should have saved Arlie and evicted Adel. That choice caused a snowball effect that caused her eviction and Allison's as well. Arlie would have been the bigger target and in a new four person alliance, the Gremlins with Allison and Arlie could have done well. Since that wasn't an option, Rachelle should have pushed further with Neda about targeting the boys. Adel and Jon are serious threats in the house and without any real opportunities to evict either of them, they could work together to reach the end. Rachelle needed to really start playing the game.

Last Thoughts...

I had high hopes for Rachelle early on. Her pre-show interviews made it seem like she had a lot of potential and could create the relationships to dominate the game. Unfortunately for her, the house eliminated any presence she had and Rachelle simply became an extra vote in the game. The game does funny things and while some can thrive in this paranoid existence, Rachelle became another example of someone casting didn't translate to the live show. That's not to say she's isn't a great person - Rachelle seems nice and fun but I wish we got to see more from her during her time this season.

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