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Big Brother Canada 2: Ika Is Evicted

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The Head of Household (HOH) curse has struck again! In the course of Big Brother, many houseguests have experienced a change of power that sends them packing in the span of a week. This happens when someone wins HOH one week then is promptly evicted the next. While the "curse" isn't as noticeable when there are so few players left, viewers tend to take notice when there are several houseguests left for a change like this to happen. Unfortunately for this houseguest, she didn't see it coming.

The fourth person evicted was Ika Wong, the 29 year old hair stylist from Thornhill.

Let's Meet Ika...

Ika is the sassy and opinionated houseguest who tried her hardest to make a successful girls alliance. In the first week of the season, she was the replacement nominee and survived eviction against Anick. She won HOH in the third week and decided to nominate two weak houseguests instead of big targets, sending Paul home in the process. Unknown to her at the time, she was being manipulated by her ally Sabrina, who was a member of the First Five alliance, and when Rachelle won HOH the following week, Sabrina manipulated her best-friend Rachelle to place Ika on the block. On Day 29, she was evicted by a vote of 8-1.

Why Did She Lose?

Ika missed a big opportunity and it bit her in the end. For the majority of the first few weeks, it was plainly obvious to see that the boys were against the girls. She knew the likes of Kenny and Andrew were coming after her and winning power was her shot to finally make a big move; a chance to turn the tide. However, instead of targeting boys, she nominated two girls instead: Alison and Heather. She fumbled under the pressure and by not eliminating a potential threat, the enemies she kept around wormed their way into Rachelle's head and got her nominated. Some could say that Ika's choice in week #4 of choosing the prize money over saving the letters from home caused her eviction but by that point Ika's eviction was set. She was going home regardless and anything she did that week would be for naught. It was her missed opportunity the week before that could have shook things up and might have changed the game.

How Could She Stay?

If Ika had a time machine she would go back and nominate Kenny and Andrew. She wouldn't have played it safe and let Sabrina manipulate her HOH week. Her impending nomination was already coming down the pipes and nothing she could do could keep her off the block. If she hadn't have played it safe the week before, she would still be around.

Last Thoughts...

Ika brought the drama and she tried to do the impossible: take a successful girls alliance to the end. Unfortunately for her, some of her alliance members were in a more unified alliance that were manipulating and plotting her downfall. If she listened to Neda, things would be different but she didn't. It's a shame when someone wastes their HOH to play it safe; nobody wants to feel powerless but she knew what she was getting into by nominating Heather, Alison and Paul. Future seasons of potential houseguests should look at Ika's eviction as what not to do when you keep your enemies in the house.

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