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Big Brother Canada 2: Arlie Is Evicted

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Playing both sides of the house against each other is a tricky scenario to hold. Each side tries to stay on top by winning challenges to hold power and manipulating weaker players to do all the dirty work. However, if you're ready to jump ship and mastermind a coup, you need to be prepared when the biggest threats (and former allies) get evicted as you might be the bigger threat still in the game. The most recent evicted houseguest got a little too comfortable after he caused the downfall of his own powerful alliance.

The eighth person evicted and first jury member was Arlie Shaban, the 25 year old from Stouffville.

Let's Meet Arlie...

Arlie is the wacky and clothing-optional houseguest who served as a double-agent within the First Five alliance. While he only won one competition in the house, a Power of Veto (POV) challenge, Arlie cemented his place in the house with his strong personal connections, likeability and devious plots. He enjoyed protection for the first few weeks as the First Five alliance was dominating the game, but he started to plant the seeds on the other side to create a new alliance for the time came. During the double eviction week, Heather won Head of Household (HOH) and the other side finally earned some power to make a big move against First Five. Arlie (as well as Allison) switched sides to join Neda, Jon, Adel and Heather to create the Sloppy Seconds and destroy the First Five. When two big threats and former allies Sarah and Kenny left, his alliance turn on him and sent him packing the following week. On Day 50, he was evicted by a vote of 5-0.

Why Did He Lose?

Trust is a big factor in Big Brother and Arlie could not be trusted. He was always concocting new plan, he would turn on someone without emotion, and he proved that he could be a serious threat. Being a part of the First Five alliance gave Arlie power and security but by helping to create the Sloppy Seconds alliance, he inadvertently created the chain of events that led to his downfall. He evicted two allies who would have kept him around (Sarah & Kenny) and when his alliance turned on him, he had no one left who had his back. Jon nominated him, Adel was on the block next to him and Neda/Heather wanted him gone. His only hope were Allison and the Gremlins (Rachelle and Sabrina) but they couldn't trust him in the end, even though they originally plotted to keep him - he was too much of a threat.

How Could He Stay?

The First Five alliance was dead by the time Arlie got evicted, but he could have played the last two weeks differently. Instead of campaigning to put Sarah on the block, he should have campaigned for Rachelle or Sabrina to go. Sarah would've protected him since they were close friends and keeping a bigger threat around diverts attention. If Sarah had left and he was gone, he should have built confidence and trust with Allison and the Gremlins. Adel was clearly signing with Jon, Neda and Heather regardless of what he said. He should have continually pushed that he was on their side and it would be their detriment to keep Adel around.

Last Thoughts...

Arlie was a character, in more ways than one. He openly admits that the "character" he played in the game isn't the same as how he is in real life - it was a fun show but I like when houseguests are genuine. His ego got a little too big before he got blindsided and even he was shocked that the house flipped without his knowledge. I was say this though, Arlie did cause a huge shockwave that changed the latter half of the season. Canada may have made the first crack at the First Five alliance, but Arlie's meddling planted the seeds that caused a new alliance to be form.

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