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Big Brother Canada 2: Anick Is Evicted

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The first week done and already the game experienced its first blindside. Wait...blindside or denial? When there is a unanimous vote in the first week, it's hard not to notice the writing on the wall beforehand. The first houseguest was a little ditzy and may not have realized that she would be the first to go but even in her own words, some people didn't tell her the truth. She wasn't ready to play the game.

The first person evicted is Anick Gervais, the 28 year old reiki master from Hanmer.

Let's Meet Anick...

Anick is the bubbly and spiritualist who wanted to bring the love revolution to the house. She was a little ditzy, erratic and talked constantly about vibes, feelings and energy. During the first Head of Household (HOH) competition, she was the first person to step off the ice block and Paul, the season's first HOH, placed her on the block against Andrew. He won Power of Veto (POV) and she had to campaign against Ika to no avail. On Day 8, she was evicted by a vote of 11-0.

Why Did She Lose?

Anick suffered the same fate as many before her: she was the easy evictee. Her personality rubbed people the wrong way and she was different enough that her actions could have proven to irritate people later down the road. Big Brother is a long game, it's three months in fact, and Anick was different. It could have been her fascination with energy and vibes, her bubbly personality or that mediation phase - she stood out too much in the first week to become an easy target and early evictee.

How Could She Stay?

Subtlety and playing smart would have saved Anick. If she had not been the first one off the ice block in the HOH competition and stayed in longer, the spark of attention wouldn't have gone to her. Anick's personality also already caused attention to float her way. If she had kept calm, got to know her houseguests and held off on all the spiritualist for a few weeks, she could have floated a few weeks. I don't like the floating strategy but when it's needed and done right, it is a viable option to follow.

Last Thoughts...

Anick had no shot at winning Big Brother. While Talla, last year's main Floater, almost made it to the end, Talla was well-liked and stayed in the background well; Anick only brought attention. After watching Anick's opening video, I had guessed that she would be one of the early boots and I was proven right. She seems like a really nice person and I hope she had a great time in the house. It's never fun to be the first person to go. That's Big Brother and only one person can win it.

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