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Big Brother Canada 2: Kyle Is Evicted

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An opportunity to evict a bigger threat should never be passed up. In the early weeks of Big Brother, houseguests are evicted based on their personality, drama or being outsiders of the larger group. Rarely does a top physical threat get targeted and almost unanimously evicted early on because of their potential later down the line. It's a smarter choice that I'm happy most of the houseguests were thinking together along the same lines.

The second person evicted was Kyle Shore, the 24 year old personal trainer from Porters Lake.

Let's Meet Kyle...

Kyle is the egotistical-turned-humble and over-confident physical threat. He developed a close alliance with Adel and house villain Paul early on in the game. He survived the first week but after both Paul and Neda were nominated for eviction, a movement began about backdooring a powerful threat. After Neda was removed from the block with the Power of Veto (POV) by Kenny, Head of Household (HOH) Andrew nominated Kyle as a replacement. On Day 15, he was evicted by a vote of 9-1.

Why Did He Lose?

Physical prowess is too much of an uncertainty when thinking about the future. Kyle is a strong houseguest, possibly the strongest in the house. Winning power is the only way to secure victory and having someone like him around who could win was the not a pleasant situation. The men's alliance saw the opportunity to place their future threat on the block and others saw the chance to remove a potential challenge winner from the house.

Plus, it didn't help that Kyle was part of the Outsiders. Paul, the house villain, left a path of destruction and anger in his wake, causing Adel and Kyle to suffer the same backlash. No one wanted to get near the pair after Paul caused too much drama. Even when Kyle was placed on the block, there was nothing he could do to turn the tide against his friend - they were in the same boat regardless.

How Could He Stay?

Kyle needed to build relationships outside of Paul and Adel. Before the house turned against them, he should have gotten closer to the men's alliance, showing his value and positioning to work with them. Paul caused a lot of drama and it wouldn't have been hard to keep the house focused on removing the drama. Kyle needed to keep playing but he sort of gave up and accepted his fate.

Last Thoughts...

Kyle owned the stereotype of being the physical threat as he walked into the house. However, the once boastful and over-confident houseguest turned the tide after he was evicted, becoming humble and compassionate. If he had shown more of those qualities to the other houseguests, he may have had an easier time winning people over. Alliances and friendships are two separate things in this game - you need both to survive and knowing when to prioritize the two can change the game. I'm happy for him that he will have strong friendships leaving the game, but one should never stop campaigning to stay. It's still a game!

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