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'The Originals' Recap: Le Grand Guignol

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History has a way of repeating itself. While other just likes to close loose ends. The real story of what happened in 1919 was revealed and we finally got a closer look into what drove the Originals away from New Orleans. Death, sex, torment, and a familiar face from The Vampire Diaries made a reappearance.

This week on The Originals, Rebekah and Marcel try to flee New Orleans, Klaus sheds some 1919 history on Cami, Hayley tries to break the werewolf spell, and Elijah looks to defeat Celeste at long last.

Klaus has called an all-out war against Rebekah and Marcel for what they did in 1919. He no longer can look at his sister without the feeling of wanting to rip her head off. Before he can even listen to reason, Papa Tunde's blade needs to be removed from his chest. Elijah, the always responsible brother, reached into Klaus' chest and pulled out the blade, much to the dismay of Cami - and everybody else watching. (Seeing the cut and blood reminded me of why I didn't become a doctor, gross.) Cami tries to reason with her friend, offering her blood up to heal him; the vervain has no effect on Klaus as he puts it, "the will to live is stronger." However, Klaus is not listening to her pleas - he will kill Rebekah and he'll use the white oak staff that he stole from Mystic Falls to do it.

Celeste is an all powerful witch yet she was easily captured by Hayley? The werewolf mother-to-be kidnapped Celeste in last week's episode with the purpose of freeing her werewolf clan from the curse that was cast decades before. Celeste inhabited the body of Brin Deveraux when she made the curse and only she can break it. Elijah, planning to stop Celeste from jumping into another body, is unsure of how to eliminate his foe but his former lover is one step ahead of it. Kill her and Hayley loses the cure but keep her alive and Hayley's people will go free. Ultimately, Elijah hands Hayley the cure and will find a way to stop Celeste now that he has possession of her.

Cami is still clinging to hope that Klaus will spare Rebekah and Marcel from death, but the hybrid Original isn't budging. Instead he decides to go down memory lane and reveal to Cami the truth of 1919 and why he hates Rebekah. In 1919, the Originals reunited New Orleans to bring peace between the humans, the vampires and the werewolves; even Klaus was casually hooking up with the werewolf pack leader. Life was looking great until Mikael - the Originals' father who was called by Marcel, Rebekah and Genevieve - traveled to New Orleans to kill Klaus. Mikael not only killed the werewolf pack leader, presumably Marcel as well, but set fire to the opera house, potentially killing hundreds of people, with the plan of eliminating anyone in New Orleans who knew of Klaus and his good deeds.

Tiery is back but still useless as ever. He makes an offering to the Elder witches by giving them information on Rebekah and Marcel's whereabouts in exchange for something: their lives. The witches attack but Marcel easily decapitates Bastianna's head but Genevieve manages to escape. Why the attack? Marcel will not leave New Orleans without Davina and based on Monique's return after Papa Tunde died, the death of the Elder witches could resurrect his fallen friend. At this count, two Elder witches are dead!

All photos courtesy of The CW and The Originals Online
Celeste is ready to jump into the next body and she can only do so by death. She's played around with Elijah and enjoyed talking with him, but she's tired of using Sabine's body. Celeste slits her throat and her spirit moves on; however, the plan backfired. Instead of traveling to a different body and possessing another witch, her spirit returned to her original body. Elijah, distrustful of his former lover, sought out Monique's help to perform a spell that would trap Celeste back in her original body. With the Elder witch back to her form, Elijah eliminated his threat, but will this be the last of Celeste?

Before Celeste "died" and moved from Sabine's body, she placed a curse on the cemetery. Until the rise of the next moon, no Original could be freed if they stepped foot in the graveyard. Elijah became trapped while walking with Celeste and Rebekah unknowingly stepped inside while helping to remove Davina's body. The problem? Klaus is now in the graveyard - with the white oak stake - and plans to finish his sister off for the betrayal she has caused him.

Can Klaus forgive Rebekah? Will the cure save the werewolves? Is this the last of Celeste? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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