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'Big Brother Canada 2' Starts Today!

By  Justin Carreiro     8:00 AM    Labels:,,,, 

The first season set the standard and now the house is back for another year.

Fourteen new houseguests were selected to compete in the season season of the game and they're ready to enter the house tonight. Not much about the season or its twist has been revealed, except for the fact that a secret 15th houseguest will be joining them.
My money is on a returning Big Brother Canada player from season one or someone from Big Brother USA. Similar to previous years, I don't do a first impressions post critiquing the players as my opinions change. I've been proven wrong in the past and Big Brother 15 might have set the standard on first impressions. Until the show starts tonight, check out the list of houseguests below:
Adel Elseri, 27, Welder

Andrew Gordon, 27, Restaurant Manager

Anick Gervais, 28, Reiki Master

Arlie Shaban, 25, Unemployed

Heather Decksheimer, 23, Model Agency Coordinator

Ika Wong, 29, Hair Stylist

Jon Pardy, 23, Student

Kenny Brain, 25, Model

Kyle Shore, 24, Personal Trainer

Neda Kalantar, 22, Freelance Fashion Stylist

Paul Jackson, 43, Motivational Speaker

Rachelle Diamond, 20, Student

Sabrina Abbate, 25, Makeup Artist

Sarah Miller, 32, Mortgage Broker

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