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Movie Review: Bad Teacher

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Typically, I write an overall review post talking about a movie I had recently seen and the benefits/negatives regarding the film. I had recently watched three movies last week that I could create full-fledged reviews for but since a week has passed, I think I will combine those three reviews into a condensed blurb to highlight the positives and negatives for each movie. The first mini movie review will be for: Bad Teacher!

The Premise: Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is a bitter gold-digging teacher who initially plans to retire from the profession once she gets engaged to a wealthy man but when the engagement is called off, she’s thrust back into work and plots to find a way out. She shows little appreciation to her fellow coworkers or to her students but when she realizes that the teacher with the highest class test scores on the statewide test wins a bonus, she soon pushes her students to limit to learn and achieve high grades to win her the money. Also in the mix, is a hilarious love triangle between Elizabeth, the goody-goody substitute teacher (Justin Timberlake), the school coach (Jason Segel) and Elizabeth’s newest coworker frenemy (Lucy Punch).

The Results: 3.5/5!
Bad Teacher is hilarious. A lot of the steps that Elizabeth does to “help” her students learn are shocking to say the least and I, personally, have never had a teacher like this before. Many of the scenes like the car wash, the dodge ball, the school trip and the dance are perfect additions to have in a comedy and I absolutely loved how the strange relationships played a part in the film. At times the movie was cheesy and she didn’t seem as “bad” as the trailers made her out to be. I didn’t like Justin Timberlake to be honest, I felt that he added little to the plot and he wasn't used as a character in the story per say. It’s definitely a movie to watch or rent if you’re in the mood for a comedy but I don’t think it will stand the test of time

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