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Big Brother Canada: The Six Evicted Jury Members

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Only a few more hours until a winner is chosen.

The season is coming to an end and with only Emmett, Jillian and Gary left, someone will be crowned the first winner of Big Brother Canada. Every week I've tried to manage a new post based on the most recent evicted player. Unfortunately, time has gone away from me and scheduling has conflicted with the previous six evictees. 

Since I was unable to do full post for the remaining houseguests, I'm going to critique each of the jury members and share my quick thoughts on their performance.

AJ (First Jury Member)
AJ could be the biggest letdown in terms of casting. He probably came off as confident and strong in the interviews but the second he started the game, he became forgettable, a floater and barely played the game. The first in-game instance we were introduced to AJ, he talked about himself in the third person and did nothing to stand out from the crowd. I wasn't upset he was evicted, he couldn't really win any challenge but the way he was evicted... that just wasn't right.

Alec (Second Jury Member)
The Sheyld's overconfidence led to their demise. Alec clearly was one of the biggest threats and the alliance of Jillian and Emmett needed to strike against the other side. With Jillian breaking the promise to Topaz, Alec couldn't save himself or his alliance. I liked Alec and he proved to be a powerful force in the season; going so far as to almost control the game at one point. However, I can't ignore his bonehead move of betraying Topaz and voting out AJ over Andrew - that one vote shaped the rest of the season and his alliance crumbled because of it.

Topaz (Third Jury Member)
Topaz has not had an easy season. Her showmance imploded, her alliances betrayed her and she experienced one of the worst twists ever when Big Brother revealed her strategy to the rest of the houseguests. Could she have won? No. Even if Big Brother hadn't done the twist, I don't think she could have won or made it to the finals. Though, I'm very surprised with her performance as she transformed from a background houseguest into a competitor that was ready and willing to compete.

Peter (Fourth Jury Member)
The other half of the Sheyld couldn't accept his defeat gracefully. Peter played a very strategic and heartless game (with exception to showing emotion to Alec and Liza) that it was shocking to see him so easily deceived. Once AJ was evicted instead of Andrew, Peter's allies were dropping one after the other and he kept making desperate moves to stay in. Desperation can light a fire to make powerful moves but it leaves you rushing in all directions. Peter should have  saved Topaz instead of trusting Emmett and Jillian.

Andrew (Fifth Jury Member)
The man with nine lives was blindsided. East Coast alliance or not, he put too much of his trust into Jillian and Emmett that he didn't even consider that they could turn against him. I'm glad that he made it far into the season since he was so easily targeted and his name had floated around for weeks. Luck could not have helped him more even if he had worn a lucky horseshoe everyday.

Talla (Sixth Jury Member)
The queen of personality could have made it to the finale. Her place was a 50/50 chance between herself and Gary but she couldn't sway Emmett into keeping her around. In the slimmest of possibilities, Talla had the personal vote that could have helped her win; her strategies and physical game wouldn't have clinched her victory. Though, her outbursts, drunken debauchery and challenge meltdowns would have made her an easy sell to win against in the finals. Missed opportunity?

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