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'Revenge' Recap: Identity

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A Falcon falls and the red sharpie rises from the ashes.

Back after a ridiculously long hiatus, Revenge aired its newest episode on the heels of show creator Mike Kelley announcing his departure at the end of this season. Revenge hasn't officially been renewed yet but ABC did admit they would like to fill the new vacancy. Take that tidbit as a gain of salt until the show is announced to return - anything could happen in the next few weeks. I'm looking at the change more positively; this season has lacked compared to last year and a new change could get the storyline back on track.

This week on Revenge, the Graysons flounder in the Nightline spotlight, Jack and Ashley get a leg up against Conrad, and Nolan takes the fight to the streets.

First off I want to apologize for not recapping the last episode of Revenge. A lot had been revealed in terms of storyline, which included the untimely death of Nolan's ladylove Padma. Picking up from the last episode, The Initiative has made Nolan the scapegoat for Padma's death and is using the Falcon to help seal his fate. Nolan has never had his own revengenda and merely assisted in sabotage but with help from Emily, they've teamed up to take down the mysterious hacker.
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Not sure how you felt about the big reveal but a random character named Edith didn't really impact my thoughts of the storyline. I had strangely guessed Marco could be the Falcon and that it would be a shocking twist. (Anyone else feel that was where the plot was going?) After defeating Edith in a game of arcade Street Fighter, Nolan manipulated her into using a bugged USB key and getting caught by the FBI. The Falcon may a genius when it comes to planting evidence; however, she really didn't have any common sense.

Conrad's political campaign has pulled his family back into the limelight. The latest bit of publicity is a media interview with Nightline and for once Victoria is forced to tell the truth. She thought admitting the "truth" about her teenage abortion would quell the rumours and they did... until Juju Chang uncovered the real story. Victoria did in fact deliver the baby, a six month boy named Patrick but gave him up for adoption to attend an art school in Paris on scholarship. She confesses and later asks Nolan to track down Patrick in exchange for his company back. (I'm guessing Patrick will be back as a series regular for season three.)

Also revealed in this episode was Daniel's potential re-engagement with Emily. Forcing her to admit on camera caused more trouble than it was worth (bad move, Daniel) and Aidan did not look pleased. Though, in his simple trying to be romantic way, Aidan approved of the engagement and urged Emily to take down the Graysons. The red flags from their conversation kept going up; I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't survive the season. (Nobody should ever talk about their happy ending on a TV show, it's like tempting fate.)

The Jack and Ashley pairing is an interesting development as of late; their characters needed a new direction. Though, I'm pretty certain either one, along with Declan, Charlotte or Conrad, will be written off in the season finale. (None of the core four should leave at this point.) While pairing up to stalk Conrad, the team snaps pictures of the aspiring Governor jumping into a car with his opponent's wife. Ashley uses the information to get her position back in Conrad's campaign; with this new bit of power, they could actually fall through and succeed in their plan. Unless, you know, the plan were to backfire in the next three episodes.

Will Emily go through with marrying Daniel? Which main character will be the next get sharpied out by the show's writers? Post in the comments and share your thoughts on this week's episode.

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