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NBC Cancels 'Deception'

By  Justin Carreiro     8:37 PM    Labels:,,,, 

Let the 2012-2013 Television bloodbath begin!

With the network upfronts scheduled in the coming week, the next few days will be full-scale Hunger Games to see which programs make it to the next season. NBC has kicked off the ensuing wave by announcing the cancellation of their Meagan Good-starred soap Deception after one season.

The drama, which centred on the death of a socialite and the secrets of her deceptive family, started well when it premiered midseason but quickly fell in the ratings. Deception barely had only 3 million viewers and a 1.2 rating by the time of its season finale.

I'm not surprised to see Deception get cancelled as its ratings had been declining for a while now. At the end of late April, NBC had announced a wave of drama pick-ups, which included such shows as Revolution and Chicago Fire, where Deception had been left off the list. This clearly was another spark that fueled the cancellation rumour fire.

No word yet has been revealed about NBC's comedy program and it's other remaining bubble drama series Smash.

Are you sad to see Deception go? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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