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Big Brother Canada: Final Three

By  Justin Carreiro     11:06 AM    Labels:,,,,,, 
The first season has wrapped and wow... I did not expect that finale.

Topaz and the miscast vote will forever go down as both the stupidest and most shocking moment in Big Brother history. Seriously, who would have thought that would ever happen? In a nail-biting final vote, 27 year old teacher Jillian MacLaughlin defeated 21 year old fashion assistant Gary Levy by a vote of 4-3. Completing the final three was 24 year old diary farmer Emmett Blois who ended up with third place. 

Similar to my final post for Big Brother 14, I'm going to critique the final three based on their performance and my thoughts from the finale. Let's see with the last jury member...

Emmett (Third Place)
The milkman didn't win like I thought (that doesn't mean I WANTED him to win). Emmett stood in the perfect position to win as both Gary and Jillian wanted to take him to the finals. Though, comfort and being too much of a threat near the end was his downfall. With only three people left and everyone liking him, he stood the biggest chance to win the title. Gary had to make a smart move and he stood a better chance against Jillian instead of Emmett. The only way Emmett could have survived was if he or Jillian won the final Head of Household (HOH). They didn't and now it's just part of Big Brother history.

Gary (Second Place)
Gary Glitter was so close to winning the title. If it weren't for Topaz putting in the wrong key, Gary would have won the money, the title, and all the prizes that came with winning. His win would be more personal than strategic/physical but there could be any reason that someone could win (case in point this season). Securing the final HOH ensured that he would be in the finals and suffice it to say he absolutely needed to win. Neither Emmett or Jillian would have taken him; I don't agree with Emmett's assessment of winners only having one chance to win. The returning player twist is a common Big Brother staple - Emmett needed to tone down his bitter jury attitude, at least Talla had some humour about it.

Jillian (First Place)
First off, congrats to Jillian for winning. Big Brother is a tough, personal and physical game that takes a lot even to get to the final two chairs. However, there's still a small bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. As a huge Big Brother fan, I'd like the person who won to have won fairly and with forethought by the jury; not by a technicality or mistake because someone put in the wrong key. Even though I like Jillian and in the scheme of the game Jillian winning is still a good outcome, Gary technically is the real winner. Votes are votes and Topaz shouldn't have messed up. Jillian might be the luckiest winner ever in Big Brother history and you need luck to win.

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