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The CW Orders Four More Series, 'The Selection' Dead

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At first when you don't succeed, try again. But what happens when you fail twice?

Announced on Thursday, The CW has decided to pick up The 100, The Tomorrow People, Reign and Star-Crossed (formerly Oxygen) to series. The four new dramas join pilot The Originals, which was already picked up late April following it's backdoor pilot airing on The Vampire Diaries.

Contrary to earlier rumours that The CW could be focusing on only sci-fi and genre pilots, The CW has opted for high-concept orders that mix supernatural and teen. On the heavily sci-fi side of the pilots, The 100 follows 100 delinquent teens in a post-apocalyptic world sent back to Earth to determine whether it can be repopulated and The Tomorrow People which features a selection of youth discovering they have superpowers (this one is based on the 70's U.K. program of the same name).

Star-Crossed, which had been originally titled Oxygen, is a cross between District 9 and The Orion Legacies where a human girl falls in love with one of nine alien teenagers sent to attend her local high school. Reign might be the most surprising of the series orders since it centres on the teenage exploits of Mary, Queen of Scots and her ladies-in-waiting. Period pieces could be a hit-or-miss and since this is reaching a different audience, there's no telling how it could look come this fall/midseason.

Not all pilots get picked up to series and The Selection had two chances to make it work. Based on the young-adult novel series by Kiera Kass, The Selection featured a post-apocalyptic world where a competition is held every few generations to find the future queen. The pilot was originally developed for the 2012-2013 season but The CW had passed to redevelop with a new cast/script for the 2013-2014 contention season. Pilots also passed on were Company Town and Blink.

Did your pilot get picked up by The CW? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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