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Movie Review: The Possession

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Another horror movie review and this one has a supernatural element to it. Every year there seems to be a new movie about someone being possessed by an evil spirit. It usually involves a priest, a worried family and a child or teen being the target of the ghost. A little bit cookie-cutter but I gave the film a shot; besides a good horror movie is a reminder that Halloween is coming. This mini review is for the supernatural thriller: The Possession.

The Premise: Based on a "true story" and a classic urban legend, The Possession tells the tale of one family being tormented by a mysterious wooden box. Upon visiting a yard sale, one of the daughters becomes entranced and convinces her father (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to bring the box home. Soon Em (Natasha Calis) becomes possessed and her father is left to figure out how to save her before losing her to the spirit like so many people before.

The Results: 3/5!
The Possession has everything you'll need to enjoy a quick popcorn flick. There are scares, special effects, an evil spirit and alright acting for a movie under two hours. Don't expect anything innovative because you've probably watched a similar film in the past: a story about a possession and a family trying to save their love one. The real gem of the movie is the story behind the film and the tale. The tagline "true story" has been thrown around a lot but the tale of the box has actually been featured in the media (not quite exact as the film) and is an actual urban legend. Halloween isn't for a few weeks and if you're in the mood for something scary then The Possession may be for you.

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