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Big Brother 14: Britney Is Evicted

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Three down and only one coach is left. Would it be surprising to say that only a few weeks ago, the same veterans had chosen to revoke their coach status to become players? Ironically, this evicted veteran was the first to press the reset button. She was an underdog in her true right and played the game aggressively to redeem the embarrassment from her previous season.

Blindsided and bitter, she has earned her place as the second jury member. Along with Ashley, she will return on finale night to determine which player will win Big Brother 14. The second jury member is Britney, the 24 year old from Pharmaceutical Sales Representative from Tulsa.

Let's Meet Britney...

Britney is the sarcastic and witty veteran from Big Brother 12. On Day 1, she selected Shane, Willie and JoJo to mentor and join her team. Her team successfully won the first Head of Household (HOH) competition and she selected Willie to be HOH. Prior to Kara's eviction, Britney and her team had formed a solid alliance with fellow coach Janelle. The tides soon turned against Britney: Willie was expelled for head-butting Joe and JoJo was evicted in week two. When Shane (her last player) won HOH, they both formed a foursome with Dan and his last remaining player Danielle. Due to an "unexpected" twist, the four veterans rejoined the game as fellow houseguests and Britney set her sights on winning the grand prize. She joined two powerful alliances (the Silent Six and the Quack Pack), back-stabbed Janelle and Boogie, and tried to finish Dan. Unfortunately for her, Dan plotted his escape and successfully convinced Frank (HOH) and Jenn (Power of Veto holder) to save himself and blindside Britney instead. On Day 55, Britney was evicted by a vote of 4-1.

Why Did She Lose?

From the minute she set foot in the house, Britney had something to prove. The stigma and notoriety (with the Big Brother fans) that she obtained from being deceived by The Brigade in season 12 made her want to show that she's a real competitor. She had a real paranoia complex. Every little conversation she overheard made her believe that a potential alliance was brewing and she quickly plotted to throw allies under the bus. Trust was fleeting and Britney could only rely on herself, except when she played emotionally. She blindsided allies in pursuit of her "anyone-but-her" tactic and by the time of her eviction, she was backed into a corner that she couldn't escape.

Britney had a talent for making deals but she couldn't manipulate people. Sure, some houseguests can create plans or lies to plant the seeds, though only a few have successfully changed the game with a conversation. After Frank had won HOH, the target had been placed squarely on Dan. The house had the votes to evict him and he was the top choice for leaving on Thursday night. However, Britney got too comfortable in thinking that Frank and Jenn were following the same plan. Dan got to work in creating an alliance with the duo and got them to blindside Britney with a replacement nomination. Prior to the week before, Britney helped blindside Boogie and Frank didn't mind getting revenge against Britney instead of Dan, who was also responsible

How Could She Stay?

Britney may have been out-manipulated by Dan but she was not evicted yet. Danielle was sitting on the block against her and while she was sitting pretty with the alliance of Dan/Danielle/Jenn/Frank, Britney needed to reaffirm her connections with the remaining players. If she had pulled the others together (Shane, Joe and Ian), they would have had the votes to get Danielle out. While Britney did try this tactic and it seemed like it was working until the final day, she had to put some sense into Frank and Jenn that Dan was not to be trusted. She would still be in the house if Frank/Jenn or the outsiders agreed.

Last Thoughts...

Britney tried to shed her image and it somewhat worked. Big Brother 14 was a roller coaster and at a point in this game, she could have left had Shane been evicted. She helped form three powerful alliances and plotted the demise of several notable houseguests. While I didn't peg her to win and she did play emotional at times, Britney didn't rely on a floater tactic. Unfortunately for her, once you remove the role of floater and become a competitor, the other powerful targets in the house start to pick each other off one-by-one. She thought she had Dan's eviction in the bag but things changed and she was sent packing.

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