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Big Brother 14: Ashley Is Evicted

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A double eviction can spell a quick end for the chance at the prize. Unfortunately for this player, she was the unlucky one to get the boot. She was a consistant floater but when she finally choose a side and started to play the game, it proved to be a terrible mistake.

The only bright side of being evicted at this point is that she will be the first member of the Jury. The Big Brother Jury consists of the seven most recent evicted players who will decide which finalist will win on finale night. Until then, the first jury member is Ashley, the 26 year old mobile spray tanner from West Hollywood.

Let's Meet Ashley...

Ashley is the Mobile Spray Tanner who has a  candalous online past. On Day 1, Big Brother 6 & All-Stars veteran Janelle selected Ashley, along with Wil and Joe, to be on her team. While Ashley has never won an individual competition, Janelle choose to award Ashley with immunity during week two. After the coaches entered the game, she lost two of her former teammates: Janelle and Wil. The following week the house divided and Ashley joined the alliance of Boogie and Frank but it proved to be her downfall. Boogie was evicted first during the double eviction and later that same night, she was nominated alongside Frank (who then saved himself with the Power of Veto). On Day 48, Ashley was evicted by a vote of 5-1.

Why Did She Lose?

Ashley played a very notable role this season: floater. She wasn't a threat to anyone, couldn't win any competitions and her social game was only social (no manipulation involved). That being said... during the double eviction, she was a clear target to go. Floaters tend to not pick sides and sit back while the real threats pick each other off. Ashley followed this method to a tee but when the house turned against Boogie and Frank, she decided to not be a floater anymore. She sided with the guys and her decision came at the worst time as both men were up for eviction. She became part of the enemy and the alliance that was in power relegated her to their hit list. Her decision backfired as her closest ally (Jenn) turned against her when she found out Ashley had campaigned for Jenn's eviction; if she had not sided with Boogie and Frank, she would still be in the game.

Ashley's inability to play also hurt her chances. She was part of some powerful alliances early on (due to Janelle's influence, of course); however, she didn't have any say with the players or had the ability to sway votes. Nobody trusted her to turn the house against targets to save the likes of Janelle, Wil or Boogie. She delegated herself as an extra vote when she could no longer really compete in challenges and never thought about the weeks ahead.

How Could She Stay?

The simplest solution could also be the simplest answer. If Ashley had not sided with Boogie and Frank but with Dan's alliance, she wouldn't be evicted. Thinking about the actual possibilities of the game and siding with people who were actually in power would have helped Ashley. Plus (and I can't believe I'm actually saying this but...), if she had stayed a floater then Joe would have been evicted instead.

Last Thoughts...

Ashley played Big Brother 14 in a somewhat dream-like haze. She was playing yet she wasn't 100% there (possibly due to the amount of prescription medication she was taking). I love when a floater decides to start playing the game and I feel bad that when Ashley tried to make a legitimate game move, it got her evicted. While this may be the last we will see of Ashley after this season, let's remember all of her diary room sessions and her storyline that progressed to three flirtmances in just one season.

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