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Big Brother 14: Frank Is Evicted

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The second double eviction of the season has sent another two houseguests packing. What may have been a surprise to a few, one of the biggest threats this season was finally eliminated. The first houseguest eliminated in the night has been on the block almost every week (except when he won Head of Household) and the players have kicked themselves for not taking the opportunity to get rid of him sooner.

Since this houseguest has been evicted in the later half of the season, he will return on finale night to help decide which finalist will win Big Brother 14. The third jury member is  Frank, the 28 year old from Naples, Florida.

Let's Meet Frank...

Frank Eudy is unemployed and the son of former professional wrestler Sid Vicious. Known throughout this season as an honorary member of Chilltown, he is the man with nine lives and played the game as a bully. On Day 1, Big Brother All-Stars winner and coach Boogie selected Frank, Ian and Jenn to be on his team. Frank spent most of Big Brother 14 as either Head of Household (HOH) , Power of Veto winner (POV) or as a nominee. He joined several powerful alliances such as Chilltown and the Silent Six. After his closest allies Boogie and Ashley were evicted during the first double eviction, Frank won HOH and decided to target those he believed blindsided and eliminated his friends. Dan and Danielle were nominated for eviction but in a last minute decision, Frank formed another powerful alliance of Dan/Danielle/Frank/Jenn and saved Dan to evict Britney as a replacement nominee. The decision proved to be his downfall when Dan and Danielle betrayed Frank and helped Ian to organize his eviction. On Day 62, he was evicted by a vote of 3-1.

Why Did He Lose?

Frank was the most powerful physical threat. Whenever he was the supposed target, chances are he could win the POV that week and/or the HOH competition the following week. He needed to win challenges to survive and most likely he would; if not, Frank could have been evicted weeks ago. He was on the block a lot and many houseguests were evicted instead due to a last minute campaign, alliance or challenge win (i.e. Kara, Janelle, Boogie, Ashley and Britney). With only a few houseguests left, this was the only chance they had to get rid of him.

This is quite surprising in a game like this but Frank was TOO trusting. He placed his faith in alliances and depended on people to stick to their word. Let's be real... this is Big Brother - no one is trustworthy! Many of them wholeheartedly worked with him (i.e. Boogie, Ashley and Jenn) while the rest were plotting for his downfall. I'm not sure if Frank watched Big Brother 10 (he's a fan so I'm guessing maybe), but he completely trusted Dan and didn't expect that he would be backstabbed. Everything Dan has done this season should have raised red flags for Frank and Jenn, though it was too late. Frank's trusting nature finally led to his eviction.

How Could He Stay?

Unfortunately for Frank, he was a goner. His eviction was set in stone and there was nothing he could say or do that could have changed anyone's mind. His elimination stemmed from the decision he made the previous week. If he and Jenn had not chosen to side with Dan and Danielle in evicting Britney, Dan would have been evicted and his alliance would have been fractured. Britney's eviction angered this week's HOH Ian and Frank was subsequently nominated and targeted. Had Frank followed through with the original Dan plan, he would have stayed longer.

Last Thoughts...

Frank changed my opinion. For the longest time, I considered him a bully and a person that needed to be evicted as the "enemy" of the house. The was true while Boogie was around (together they were annoying). However, I have to give Frank the respect he deserved. He never stopped fighting because if he did, he would be evicted at any point. Frank's trusting nature and athleticism led to his eviction and now we'll have to see what happens when he comes back at a later season. After everything he's won and done this season, he'll definitely be invited back at some point in the future.

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