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'Supergirl' Moving To The CW, 'Riverdale' And Two More Ordered

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Supergirl is making a super move over to a new station. One of television's breakout freshman shows is finding a new home on the CBS sister network, The CW, for its upcoming second season. Announced Thursday among a slew of other TV renewals and cancellations, Supergirl's fate was left up in the air as CBS determined costs for the bubble show.

While the show started off strong for the 2015-2016 season, the show ultimately declined in ratings to a respectable 10 millions viewers, with DVR numbers included. Rumours were popping up that the show may have been moving to The CW, where the network is home to other superhero shows. With this news confirmed, Supergirl will also be moving production to Vancouver to be filmed near other network shows, like Arrow and Flash.

In addition to the Supergirl renewal, The CW announced the cancellation of Containment and three new series pickups. Riverdale, the modern adaption of the Archie Comics, has been picked up to series, along with Frequency and No Tomorrow. For more about these new shows, I briefly discussed them when the network had ordered their pilots.

I'm VERY excited to see Riverdale  - it looks to be an interesting take on the show and could prove refreshing with the superhero shows on the network. As a fan of The CW programming, it will be on my must-watch list for the upcoming TV year.

Are you excited for these new shows on The CW? Share your comments below.

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