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MTV Cancels 'Faking It'

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Alright...let's take a minute and breathe for a moment. Breathe. MTV has announced that Faking It, their underrated and witty teen comedy, has been cancelled after three seasons. Plagued with low viewership over the years, the ratings seem to be the cause for the decision. The upcoming season finale will serve as the series finale.

Faking It focused on two best friends, Amy and Karma, who initially pretended to be lesbians to gain popularity at their progressive Texas high school. In actuality, Amy was dealing with her secret feelings for Karma, and Karma's crush on popular jock, Liam

I'm not ready to see the show end! I love the witty one-liners of the characters and their self-aware nature; it's almost like a non-horror Scream. The series finale of Faking It will air May 17, 2016 on MTV.

Are you sad to see Faking It go? Share your thoughts below.

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