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'Riverdale' Gets Pilot Order At The CW, Network Orders Five More Pilots

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Archie and friends are getting a makeover for a new generation. The soda pop gang, who still rules the Sunday morning comics, is potentially being revamped into a brand new TV series on The CW. Receiving a pilot episode order, Riverdale is a modern take on the comic book series. The show will follow the lives of Archie, Betty, Veronica and their friends as they move through quiet small town life and discover the secrets of Riverdale.

Riverdale joins a collection of five other pilots ordered by the younger-skewing network. There's period piece Transylvania, which is about a young woman in search of her father while fighting infamous monsters, a romantic-comedy No Tomorrow, a TV remake of Frequency, the Untitled Mars Project set on the red planet, and the equally mysterious Kevin Williamson pilot.

The CW has been having a great year in terms of their TV shows and ratings. They struck gold in awards season and fans are loving their high-concept shows, especially their superhero dramas. However, they didn't pick up many new shows last year, and it's expected that a few of their older series could be getting the axe this year. America's Next Top Model and Beauty and the Beast are already cancelled, but who could be next to make room? Reign? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? The Vampire Diaries? The unaired Containment?

If I had a choice, I would love to see Riverdale, the Kevin Williamson pilot, Transylvania and the Untitled Mars Project (in that order) get a series order. But we're talking about The CW here...we'll never know what they decide until May 2016.

Which pilots are you hoping get a series order? Share your comments below.

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