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'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: For The Triumph Of Evil

By  Justin Carreiro     6:51 PM    Labels:,,,,,, 
Never try to hide from the Sandman.

This week on Sleepy Hollow, the past rears its ugly head, Jenny reveals more than she originally let on, and Ichabod finds a safe haven for their apocalyptic mission.

Eyes full of sand and nightmares that tear the soul, the big bad this week in the quiet little town of Sleepy Hollow is the nocturnal dream creeper, the Sandman. After witnessing the "suicide" of Dr. Vega, Abbie discovers that the ill-fated victim was the doctor that treated her sister Jenny. Unable to save the next victim, Abbie and Ichabod learn that the evil this time is the Sandman; a monster that is on a mission to exact revenge against those who've caused a great injustice through lying and deceit. Dr. Vega, Mr. Gillespie (the man that found Abbie and Jenny years prior lost in the woods), and Abbie all lied about what really happened in the woods; causing Jenny to be mistakenly sent to a psychiatric hospital to be treated.

With the Sandman running around in the dream world, Ichabod and Abbie needed the help of a shaman to enter the realm. Their help came in the form of a car salesman that reluctantly allowed them access to find the monster. Abbie overcame her inner-demons and sent the Sandman away, but the damage was already done and only she could repair her sister's trust.

Jenny is the unknown piece of the mystery. Both her and Abbie experienced the blackout and witnessed the monster in the woods but while Abbie denied the truth, Jenny embraced it. She knows the truth and possibly might know more of the mystery than others around her. Ichabod tried to reach out, giving her bits and pieces from the outside world, but she pushed him away. She's escaped from the institution and might pop up in a later episode. This won't be the last we'll see of her.

A new revelation is the safe haven and workspace for Abbie and Ichabod. They've discovered a new office room where they can work on their weekly missions and plot to stop the apocalypse. With all these hidden rooms and tunnels around Sleepy Hollow, how has NO ONE discovered them before?

Will Abbie and Ichabod find Jenny? What next monster will appear next week? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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