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'Revenge' Recap: Fear

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So long Season 2! It's like you were never here...

A new premiere, a new mystery and now a new showrunner. A lot has happened over the last several months that has created some optimism for the new season. Revenge suffered a fate that most must-watch shows face: the sophomore slump. Someone decided that more mysteries, more plotlines and more characters were what was needed for the second season but the show ultimately suffered. Too much was going on and it showed when viewers stopped tuning in live (DVR and online became the new normal). After Revenge was renewed, the showrunner left and an overhaul was in the works to fix the problems of the previous season. Did it work? Possibly. We'll have to see as the season develops.

This week on Revenge, Emily turns against a former frenemy, Charlotte gets a backbone (and some much needed attitude), Victoria finds happiness, and Jack breaks a heart.

Oh the red sharpie, whenever you reappear I fall in love all over again. Emily tends to use the red ink against those who've slighted her father but this week saw her target a former friend, Ashley. Upon returning to the Hamptons, the former Grayson Political Campaign and PR Manager tried to blackmail Emily into inviting her to the annual Grayson Memorial Day party. While it scored her an invite, Emily directed her main focus at tearing down a potential thorn in her side.

During the unveiling of Conrad's painting, he succumbed to a temporary poison (supplied by Nolan and Emily) and was rushed to a nearby hospital. News surfaced about Conrad's fake condition and Emily skillfully placed the blame on Ashley. With help from Victoria, the social climber was forced to leave the Hamptons (and the US) forever. Poor Ashley, she didn't stand a chance... and not just talking about her storyline.

Victoria found peace (and dare I say - happiness?!) over the summer break. Patrick, her long lost son, arrived at the end of season two and the pair bonded to reclaim any lost time. The only person that wasn't excited to see the blonde boytoy: Charlotte. She returned from her Europe trip (minus pregnant belly - so long season two storylines!) with a new mature look and a new icy attitude. In the matter of one episode, she called out her mother, played doting daughter to her father and confronted her half-brother. Patrick went running back to the city but Charlotte stood her ground and I can't wait to see what evil she'll be bringing to the new season. Now that Ashley is gone, it'll be great to have a devious character around causing chaos to the characters.

Season two ended on a cliffhanger. SPOILER ALERT: Emily revealed to Jack that she was Amanda! With the time jump after election night, we're left waiting to find out how Jack reacted but he left the Hamptons, along with his son Carl in toe. Jack has never had the best storylines on Revenge but he has had some of the best one-liners and shocking comments. After kissing Emily in a heated conversation, he feels NOTHING(!) and wants nothing to do with her ever again. He gives her until the end of the summer to complete her revengenda.

On the wedding front (I haven't forgotten), Daniel and Emily have set a date: August 8th. That's right! Their wedding is 8/8 - oh the irony.

Will Ashley return for HER revenge? Anyone else like this new mature Charlotte? Can Conrad bounce back from the fake diagnosis? Can Patrick be trusted? Share your thoughts by posting in the comments below.

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