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'The Following' Recap: Whips And Regret

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If Joe won in last week's episode, Claire was definitely the winner this week.

This week on The Following, Ryan and the FBI team discover a new hideout for Joe's followers, Claire gets closer to seeing her son and we learn more about Ryan's ex-girlfriend.

A new break for the case or another endless loop? Picking up from last week's episode, the FBI team uncovered a website where Joe has been recruiting his followers. The IP address leads Ryan to an S&M bondage club, of all things and a mysterious woman named Hayley is their link to the website. Hayley is innocent but one of her clients is a cult follower (and loves the rough stuff - no surprise there). Instead of serving jail time for her previous crimes, she offers to help trap the delusional follower and bring them slightly closer to Joe. 

Can I just say that this FBI team is always one step behind? They make impromptu decisions believing that it will get them closer to the compound but it blows up in their face. First, Hayley gets metaphorically kidnapped by her client and once he finds the hidden wire under her shirt, he begins to chase and beat her in an abandoned underground maze of tunnels. Where do the killer groupies find these places?! A giant farmhouse, a large open mansion compound and a hidden bunker with access to tunnels - who is their realtor? (And can he find me an apartment?).

Ryan and Debra save Hayley in time but her client is already long gone. Another key discovery in this episode is that the bunker isn't only an armory, it's a training camp. A hidden room in the tunnels housed several potential groupies locked in an room; proving their loyalty to Joe. Once the FBI SWAT team opened the door, they swarmed two of the police officers like rabid zombies.

Photos courtesy of CTV and Hitfix
Claire, in all her stubborn maternal glory, agreed to leave with Roderick last episode to reunite with Joey. Unfortunately for her, once she arrived at the compound, she still does not get to see her son. Jacob changed since he murdered Paul; he's giving Emma the cold shoulder and now he's taking charge of looking after Claire. He pushes her to the ground when she argues back and forces her to dress up for an "intimate" dinner with Joe. A creepy dinner with her psychotic ex is just what she needs!

Joe's dinner doesn't go the way he wants. It's obvious that Claire isn't in love with him anymore but he's not giving up. Anyone else feel uncomfortable when Joe said the mind could be conditioned? We already saw what he does to his potential followers - I bet what will happen to Claire and Joey will be much worse. There were a few happy moments: Claire and Joey were reunited at last!

Ryan's ex made a reappearance last episode. The mysterious blonde woman is Molly, a nurse in the terminal ward with a kill record higher than Joe's. Through several flashbacks it's revealed she moved to New York at Joe's request and had asked to kill Ryan personally. My guess is that it won't happen. Joe is having TOO much fun playing with his nemesis to give up the ghost.

Will Molly have her chance to kill Ryan? Share in the comments and post about your thoughts on this week's episode.

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