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'The Following' Recap and Predictions: The End Is Near

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Did anyone else see the final death coming?

Death scenes on The Following have been anything but subtle and yet it's sad to see a likeable character go. The FBI team is getting closer to confronting Joe and his followers, but I'm still left scratching my head at points. With only one more episode left to go in the season, will Ryan finally have his long overdue confrontation?

This week on 'The Following', the killer groupies staged a widespread attack on the local community centre, Claire took a stand against Joe but was somehow caught (again) and is now being held captive on a ship. Also, Emma sealed Jacob's fate by cutting ties with her former flame (and his neck). To get excited for next week's season finale, I've got a few predictions and guesses that I'm thinking could happen at the thrilling conclusion.

Too many characters have died on The Following and I don't think they would cut out another FBI team member. This week's episode ended on a cliffhanger where two of Joe's followers have kidnapped the scared FBI agent and buried her alive for the sheer fun of it. The teaser promo shows Debra reaching out to Ryan and the team trying to find her but will they? Debra's backstory about growing up in a cult has been a good fit with the current theme of The Following; I don't see why they would cut her out for a new character. Ryan will probably save her just in time and she'll be back for next season.

The obsessed killer groupie has been unwavering in her devotion to Joe, so much so that she's killed anyone that has gotten in her way. On this week's episode, she murdered her former flame Jacob because he wanted to leave Joe's cult and had asked her to come with him. Shame to see Jacob go, he was one of the most likeable characters and actually felt guilt compared to certain others. Emma has blindly followed Joe throughout his recent crazy ramblings and that will eventually get her killed. Plus, Jacob's ominous warning is definitely a foreshadow to next week. She wants to be the new Claire in Joe's life, but I don't think she will reach her goal. (Unless the producers decide to keep Emma around for next season.)

I'm stuck between the fates of Joe and Claire. Halfway through this week's episode Joe has recaptured Claire and is now holding her hostage at sea. Ryan and the FBI will need to locate the pair and hold a thrilling confrontation aboard the very tiny boat. My guess would be that one of them, either Joe or Claire, will survive while the other won't (or both could projectively not make it). Joe has proven to be Ryan's adversary in this fight of good vs. evil and the storyline needs to have a final resolution. There's only so much cat and mouse episodes this plot can pull off before it gets tedious. Between the pair I think Joe will be written off, with Claire getting a small edge over her psychotic ex-husband. The last few episodes have progressed to an upcoming climax where Ryan and Joe would finally face off; there's no other place Joe could run out at sea.

Photos courtesy of FOX and Dread Central
I'm looking at The Following like a mini-series; similar to that of American Horror Story. Next season should focus on a new mystery and a new serial killer that will terrorize the world. Joe is a great antagonist to Ryan and knows how to pull his strings, much to the pleasure of the viewers. Though with all the back-and-forth failed attempts, I don't see the same plot lasting for several seasons. Unless a major direction change happens next week, Joe won't be sticking around for too long. His organization will crumble and a new big bad will step into his shoes.

The first season could end on a high note or leave it on a cliffhanger that continues the same story. I hope for the former as I'd like to see how Ryan and the team chases a new criminal; maybe even with Joe behind bars? 

What do you think will happen in next week's season finale? Share in the comments below and post your thoughts about this week's episode.

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