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Movie Review: Detention

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I try not to create posts for old movies that have already been released. This movie was first screened last year at SXSW and apparently made its way to a limited widespread theatrical U.S. release (not even sure if it made its way to Canada). I felt a sense of accomplishment for getting the chance to finally watch a copy of the film. The mini movie review below is for the teen-horror flick: Detention.

The Premise: What happens when self-aware hipster teens are thrown into a horror flick? You get Detention. After the untimely death of Queen Bee Taylor Fisher, the town of Grizzly Lake can't seem to comprehend the impending death rate and killer that is on the loose. Riley Jones (Shanley Caswell) is a rebellious outsider who tries to make it through the daily torment of high school she endures from ex-bestfriend Ione Foster (Spencer Locke) . After Riley is attacked by the killer Cinderhella, more student bodies begin to turn up and the unique group of students stick together, which includes Riley's longtime crush Clapton Davis (Josh Hutcherson), to stop Cinderhella before he strikes again.

The Results: 4/5!
For an indie teen-horror/comedy flicks, the production values for Detention weren't terrible and the acting wasn't laughable. Special effects were top-notch and the jokes, while completely self-aware and full of 90's references, were not that bad. I will admit that certain things presented were a little out there (like the bug guy and some plot holes with the story), but if you're willing to ignore all that and just focus on a good popcorn movie to watch for an hour, you will really enjoy Detention.

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