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Big Brother 14: JoJo Is Evicted

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Time really does fly in the Big Brother 14 house and already the next houseguest is evicted from the game. I know this article is a little late but last week was possibly one of the busiest weeks I've ever had.

This evicted houseguest could have earned a chance to reenter the game. Did anyone really think that her, Kara or Jodi would get the shot when they heard the twist? I didn't (well, only for the first 20 seconds). 

This might be the last time we'll hear from this player but for now, the fourth person evicted from Big Brother 14 was JoJo, the bartender from Staten Island.

Let's Meet JoJo...

JoJo is the 26 year old bartender who sparked the first potential showmance of the season. On Day One, she was chosen by season 10 veteran Britney to be mentored and thus was part of the first winning team. Being part of the first group alliance of Britney and Janelle, her group was riding high until Willie (also part of her team) began to cause problems. The house turned against Britney and plotted to evict Willie but when he was expelled, the HOH Frank decided to nominate Shane and JoJo as default replacements. When Shane won Power of Veto (POV), he removed himself from the block and she was now facing against Danielle, Shane's other showmance. JoJo was evicted on Day 20 by a vote of 5-1.

Why Did She Lose?

JoJo was an interesting choice to be the fourth person evicted (second by an actual HOUSE vote). The most obvious and glaring reason is that the power of Willie worked against her. Starting from the first day, she was picked to be on Britney's team and when Willie became the enemy, the house made her entire team as scapegoats. Even though Willie was expelled for fighting, JoJo's name kept coming up as a nominee. Alliances can make or break you and this is a perfect example. Nothing JoJo did would have earned her a nomination and subsequent eviction; instead, the twist worked against her and placed her in a makeshift alliance that she tried to follow in the first week. JoJo listened to Willie by voting to evict Frank and when that didn't work, Frank (then HOH) targeted Willie's closest allies

JoJo (by being herself) didn't help in proving that she should stay. We've all seen an episode of Jersey Shore and the players would make jokes about her. Her main competition to staying was Danielle, who up until that point was a shy and quiet girl who floated. If JoJo had just taken a step back, regrouped after the predicament and calmly whispered about potential game-changing ideas, it may have saved her. However, Big Brother 14 is turning into the season of  cattiness. Houseguests are turning on each other for the most inane and petty high school qualities like (for instance) JoJo flirting with Shane who was also flirting with Danielle

How Could She Stay?

JoJo might have been a long-shot to survive eviction. New alliances were grouping against her and Danielle was sitting pretty for the most part. JoJo's only cache to stay was playing the Dan card. Danielle was Dan's only remaining player since both Jodi and Kara were evicted back-to-back in the first week. If Danielle was evicted then Dan would have been eliminated too. She should have regrouped and taken a new approach to people who might have discredited her as player

Last Thoughts...

JoJo's place in the game was determined by the twist. If it wasn't for the makeshift alliance that were drafted on the first day, things might have turned out better for her and she could have floated by along with the others. She was a nice character for the early weeks but I wouldn't have pegged her to win regardless. Past seasons have shown that floaters and models are picked off early before the real threats are targeted. Barring any returning players and veterans, I possibly would have liked to see her (as well as the houseguests this season and Big Brother 13) compete on their own without the influence of a past houseguest.

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