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Big Brother 14: Wil Is Evicted

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We're at the halfway point this season and six houseguests have been sent packing. What's most shocking is that this week marked the first male to actually be voted out of the house (Willie was expelled). While the house has been quiet this week with fairly any drama, things may be about to take a turn come the next few episodes.

Last week's eviction of a veteran didn't cause the newbies to band together and evict the coaches. Instead, another newbie was evicted. The current evicted houseguest is Wil, the 24 year old Marketing Consultant from Kentucky.

Let's Meet Wil...

Wil is the aspiring singer and YouTube personality who famously is an American Idol reject. On Day 1, Janelle selected Wil as her first pick to join her team. While Wil has not won either Head of Household (HOH) or Power of Veto (POV), Janelle selected Wil to receive safety in week three. When the coaches entered the game as players, Wil felt tension with his former coach and plotted her demise. HOH Danielle nominated Wil for eviction but choose to save him with the POV to blindside Janelle. The following week after Janelle's eviction, Wil had a vague conversation with Frank (current HOH) and Boogie that led to his nomination. On Day 41, Wil was evicted by a vote of 6-2.

Why Did He Lose?

Wil played the game very personally. Sometimes the cast makes decision based on cattiness; it's no longer about gameplay or threats but getting out someone they don't like. Last week's decision to evict Janelle was a little bit of both. Wil saw the game as high school and himself as the popular clique. He lost sight of the game and made decisions based on personal feelings. During his conversation with Frank and Boogie, Wil didn't approach the situation appropriately to save himself from the block. He got cocky and alluded to something even he said he wasn't 100% sure. Houseguests have plenty of alliances (many of them being secret) and Wil should have known this before discussing the secret alliance to Frank and Boogie. After the chat, his image changed in the eyes of Boogie and Frank and it made himself a bigger target than Joe.

I wanted to start off this next paragraph with saying that Wil choosing to evict Janelle didn't lead to him being evicted. Though, when I started to write reasons why, it became clear that it did. If Frank had stayed it would have made Wil a target like Joe but things would be different if it worked out (i.e. Frank not being HOH and Wil not being nominated). Each player currently has a veteran who would help them out and even if Wil hates to hear this, Janelle actually had his back. By jumping on the bandwagon and not working to get the house to flip on Frank, he was now veteran-less and part of the outsiders.

How Could He Stay?

Wil needed to lay low Now that his former coach was evicted. He should have stepped back and watched the game from a distance like Ashley or Jenn. The idea of blindsiding Dan was a great idea and his "alliance" should have fought harder to make it happen. Would it have worked? Probably not, but they should have tried harder.

Last Thoughts...

Wil could have been a threat but it turned out his biggest enemy was himself. He lost focus and made some very poor decisions, especially when talking to the HOH for his safety. I understand the idea of wanting to be your own player without the veterans but it was a decision based from cattiness against Janelle. He lost an ally instead of losing a threat. On top of that, Wil stopped being a competitive player and once he was nominated, he didn't do much in terms of trying to fight. Even if it looks like a houseguest may be leaving the game, they should never stop campaigning until the bitter end.

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