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Big Brother 14: Janelle Is Evicted

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The first coach has fallen and already the game might be looking up for the newbies. Who am I kidding?! The eviction was a lucky break that was mostly spearheaded by cattiness instead of actual gameplay. While this evicted houseguest is one of my favourites from the previous seasons, I’m happy to see her go only for the reason that I would like to see a newbie win to redeem the decimation of last season.

The most recent evictee is Janelle, the 32 year old housewife from Minnesota.

Let's Meet Janelle...

Janelle is the renowned "Queen of Big Brother" and is currently a top fan favourite. Prior to having veteran status, she competed on both Big Brother 6 and Big Brother All-Stars and earning a 3rd place standing for both back-to-back seasons. She returned to Big Brother 14 as a Coach: not an actual houseguest but a mentor who would help to train and guide three houseguests. On Day 1, she selected Wil, Ashley and Joe to join her team. While as a coach, none of her houseguests won Head of Household (HOH) but she herself won two Coaches' Challenges and gave safety to Ashley in week two and Wil in week three. When the coaches entered Big Brother as competing houseguests, Janelle was blindsided when Danielle removed Wil from the block and nominated her for eviction against Frank. On Day 34, Janelle was evicted by a vote of 8-1.

Why Did She Lose?

Janelle's eviction was both shocking and quite expected. She was one of the biggest threats and could have stood a great chance to win the game. Her eviction shocked many for the fact that the houseguests had successfully blindsided Janelle and campaigned for her eviction. As a veteran and coach, Janelle already had a target on her back and was sitting in a good place with the newbies and fellow coaches (with the exception of Boogie, of course). Though, Janelle couldn't escape the one glaring fact that led to her eviction: she's Janelle. Whenever a veteran returns, they're remembered for their notoriety first and  gameplay. It's been more than six years since the last time Janelle competed but she couldn't shake her image as a powerful and athletic competitor. The houseguests saw an opportunity to get rid of her (plus a coach) and they took it.

This season saw a new change in Janelle. While she did utilize her floating and competitive qualities, when she was placed on the block, she gave up. Janelle of season's past would have done anything to stay but this time around, she thought there was nothing she could do. Wil and Ashley (her former team) split to vote her out, her former alliance had banded together in a new group that resulted in her being evicted and Boogie (her nemesis from Big Brother All-Stars) had manipulated the current houseguests to make Janelle the target. The end had come and she couldn't talk her way out of it.

How Could She Stay?

Janelle is a cat with nine lives - when you think she's out, she can find a way to save herself. However, her luck ran out this season and she was evicted pre-Jury. Since Janelle wasn't able to compete in the Power of Veto (POV), I think there was only two ways she could have stayed. The first would be to align with the coaches and move the target away from herself. While Danielle was HOH, both Dan and Britney had her ear and if they had talked her out of it, the target would have been moved to Joe, but Janelle hesitated with nominating Joe and caused doubt within the coaches. The second idea would have been to reaffirm connections with Dan and Britney to get Frank out. Frank was, and still is, the biggest threat. He's won countless challenges and is Boogie's personal puppet

Last Thoughts...

Janelle came into the house with a huge target but was sitting pretty. Once she entered the game as a real houseguest, the players couldn't ignore how powerful she could be. Years have passed since the last time Janelle competed and she's no longer the same player she once was. I'm happy that she came back for another season as I still do like Janelle. She didn't do quite well this year but if she does choose to come back (chances depend on the season), hopefully she makes it farther to redeem her standing this year.

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