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Big Brother 14: Willie Is Expelled

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Big Brother 14 may go down as the one season with the quickest number of eliminations before jury phase. One player was evicted on the first night inside the house, another at the end of week one and another player was expelled a mere 24 hours after. By taking into account the Coaches' Twist, the remaining players in the game should be guaranteed jury spots. However, anything can change and by the upcoming eviction night, something will definitely be revealed

Until the upcoming eviction and (possible) twist is revealed, let's chat about the most talked about houseguest. The third person evicted from the game (and the first expelled) is Willie, the tankerman from Louisiana.

Let's Meet Willie...

Willie is the 34 year old tankerman who was regarding by fans as "Russell's brother," partly due to the fact that he is the brother of notorious Survivor villain, Russell. On Day One, Willie was selected by season 12 veteran Britney to be mentored in the game. Along with Shane and JoJo, their team won the first challenge and Britney selected Willie as the first Head of Household (HOH) - he choose to nominate Frank and Kara for eviction. Seemingly flipping between Frank and Kara, he ultimately decided to try and evict Frank but by then, the house had turned against him; Kara was evicted by a vote of 5-3. Ironically minutes after the eviction, Frank won HOH with his sights targeted directly to Willie. However, when Willie was named a Have-Not by Janelle, he decided to "self-evict" himself and being removed from the game.

Why Did He Lose? 

I could spend paragraph after paragraph trying to sum up why Willie lost but here's the obvious answer: he head-butt Joe. There, I'm done! You can do anything in this game and say anything (to a limit) to belt out your frustration but threatening a physical/violent attack or causing physical harm to another player will result in immediate removal. Evil Dick from season 8 and 13 pushed the limits with how far you can go: he poured a drink on Jen and accidentally burned her with his cigarette. Lines vary each season for the houseguest but when you cross that one irrevocable rule, there's no turning back. Willie did physical violence and was expelled.

How Could He Stay?

To die-hard fans who believe in hope, there is always a way to stay. Willie needed to step back, take a breather to let the storm calm down and then campaign. Frank was the HOH now and many were jumping on the bandwagon to get Willie out. It only takes a POV or a conversation to flip the house, especially in this game when things change every few hours. Hypothetically, if Willie's team was able to talk with Frank and get him to nominate Danielle or someone from Janelle's team, that could have been the only way for him to stay.

Last Thoughts...

Willie is a classic case of "playing-too-hard-too-fast" in the early weeks. He was given HOH by his mentor Britney and the power went straight to his head. He thought he could control everyone but didn't realize that at the end of the week, he would be vulnerable for eviction. His game imploded on itself and without a miracle (like an absolute miracle!), Willie was destined to be the next to go. While some Willie fans can argue it was a heated decision, all Joe's fault or didn't merit a removal (let's be real, he was removed... it had to be serious enough to get rid of him), he said it himself that he wasn't going to be in the house before the end of the week. Suffice it to say, it was a calculated game move, though all it did was get rid of him and lose his chances of winning.

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