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Big Brother 14: Jodi Is Evicted

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Yesterday was the premiere of Big Brother 14 and already the game is shaping up to be full of summer drama. Online reports and spoilers announced that Mike Boogie (S2 & S7), Dan (S10), Britney (S12) and Janelle (S6 & S7) would return as mentors but what hadn't been known was the quickest eviction ever to be shown. In less than 24 hours of Big Brother in-house gameplay, one houseguest was evicted solely by the choice of their Big Brother Mentor. 

With these select posts, I'll look at the evicted houseguest's gameplay/moves in the game and reasons why they (might) have been evicted. She will forever go down as the houseguest who spent the least amount of time in the Big Brother house. The first evicted player was Jodi, the restaurant waitress from California.

Let's Meet Jodi...

Jodi is the 42 year old restaurant waitress and step-mother of five chidren who was "mentored" (and then subsequently evicted) by season 10 winner Dan on premiere night. She ended up on Dan's team, along with Kara and Danielle, and their team lost the first Head of Household (HOH) challenge, resulting in Dan being forced to evict one of his three players right off the bat. Suffice it to say, Jodi was the first evicted.

Why Did She Lose?

Let's get this out of the way upfront. Everyone, including myself at first, will easily say Jodi was the top choice to be evicted because she performed terribly at the first HOH challenge. Granted that is true but there were a couple of other houseguests who also didn't retrieve their bear or accomplished their set goal during the competition. The challenge: houseguests were told to jump on spinning/moving/uneven beds to grab a stuffed bear and return it to their group platform without falling. What really did Jodi in above anything else was the twist. 

Houseguests (and viewers) are told to "Expect The Unexpected" and if not for that sudden elimination twist, Jodi would still be in the house as I write this. There are a few twists that happen to randomly benefit certain players (*cough* Pandora's Box *cough* Coup d'Etat *cough*). This twist was not made for someone like Jodi. Mentors only had (for what seemed like) a few minutes to get to know the houseguests and would base their decision quite heavily on their challenge performance. To add insult to injury, Jodi wasn't even selected to be on Dan's team - she was defaulted as being the last person left to be picked. If Dan's team were to lose (which they did), Jodi would obviously be the leading choice as Dan didn't even choose her

Jodi receiving the bad eviction news from Dan
Last Thoughts...

The twist was supposed shocking but it was a little unfair. Jodi had to go through the entire casting process (which spans months) only to be evicted in less than possibly ten hours. As a fan, she should have been given the opportunity to play the game, even if it was only for a week but I guess that was the point of the twist. Jodi seemed like a nice houseguest at first and could have been a drama starter (her post-eviction interviews were a tad heated but it's understandable). Downside of instant elimination twists is losing strategic or eventful potential players too early

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